FEW: For Empowering Women in Japan

On Their Shoulders

Celebrating the people, progress and efforts made and a reminder there is still a long way to go.


  • 1904

    International Women’s suffrage alliance formed, Equal civil rights for women

  • 1979

    UN adoption of the “convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination of women”

  • 2010

    UN Women, created by the UN General Assembly


  • 1911

    Japanese Feminist magazine Blue Stocking founded by Raicho Hiratsuaka

  • 1948

    First National Women’s Day Convention in Osaka

  • 1960s – 1970s

    Women’s suffrage movements active

  • 1972

    First Women’s Liberation Convention

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FEW Team

FEW board members are elected and supported by the FEW membership. Comprising women from diverse nationalities and professional backgrounds, all board members are committed to offering both members and guests a supportive environment for learning and connection.

Event Recap

On Thursday, November 12 FEW welcomedHelen Iwata from Sasuga! Communications to our November meeting where she shared some insights on how to improve your presentation skills. Her advice: speak up, get your message across, listen and question and share your passion.


Each year FEW selects two NPOs to support through fundraising, volunteering and raising awareness as part of its Community Service Strategic Partners (CSSP) Program. This year we are excited to partner with Mirai no Mori and Second Harvest Japan, two organizations dedicated to helping those in need.