FEW 20th Career Strategies Seminar Program

We’re thrilled to announce the schedule and workshop details for the 20th Career Strategies Seminar – AMPLIFY being held on Saturday, June 2, 2018 at DMM.com headquarters office in Minato Ward , Tokyo. For details on the talented women and men who will be sharing their vast knowledge and experience with us, please check here.

FEW 20th Career Strategies Seminar – Schedule
AMPLIFY – Elevate Your Career to New Heights

9.00 – 9:30        Registration & Networking
9.30 – 9:45         Opening Remarks  AMPLIFY – Elevate Your Carer to New Heights   
Sarah Achilles – President, FEW Japan
Tanja Bach –  Co-Chair,  2018 FEW Career Strategies Seminar Organising Committee  

9:45 – 11:00       Plenary Workshop
Know Yourself: The First Step to Develop Your Personal Brand
Elizabeth Handover  –   Partner & President, Lumina Learning Japan
Momoko Ozawa  – Trainer,  Lumina Learning Japan

Please download the free Lumina Splash App for the workshop here: Lumina Splash App_Instructions (FEW CSS)

20248353_1612771528742779_4170079476083866045_oCreating your own personal brand is an important element in your career journey, whatever stage you may be at. Entrepreneur, team member, leader, looking for a new opportunity, entering or re-entering the workforce, developing a brand that differentiates you from others is key. The first step is self-awareness. This workshop will guide you in identifying your strengths and key qualities and by the end of the workshop you will be on your way to building your distinctive brand.

11:00 – 11:10      BREAK

11:10 – 11:40        Networking Activity  & Optional SessionsFEW CSS 2
Networking Bingo –  Get to Know Your Fellow CSS Participants

Resume Review (Optional – 10 mins per person)
Receive advice from HR experts on enhancing and creating a great first impression with your resume such as tips on improving readability, how to better highlight your skills, expertise and accomplishments and keywords for targeting specific industries
*Resumes must be submitted in advance

Mini Coaching Sessions (Optional – 10 mins per person)
Seek answers to your burning career-related questions or guidance on achieving your career goals in one-on-one sessions with experienced career coaches

Portrait Session with TopTia (Optional – additional charge of ¥3,500)
TopTia Photography can help you improve your online image and brand. Pop into the TopTia Photobooth for a professional portrait! (Corporate and business casual attire with your personal touch of style is highly recommended!)

* Please sign-up for optional sessions at time of CSS registration.  Attendees will be assigned to their requested optional session(s) subject to to confirmation of payment and will be notified of their assigned time slot prior to CSS.

11:40 – 11:45 BREAK

11:45 – 13:00     Morning Breakout Sessions
A: Mentors as Aid for Progressing Your Career & Business
Edvard Vondra – Executive Coach

This workshop will introduce how you can progress your career and business with the help and support of mentors. Edvard will explain why and when you should hire a mentor, how to choose a good mentor and provide examples of how a skilled mentor can work with you.

B: Resume Writing & Online Presence
Annie Chang –  President & Founder, AC Global Solutions / Founder, Women in Technology Japan

This workshop will introduce how to write a good resume and will provide participants with tools for creating a resume as well as tips on how to search for jobs both online and offline. Annie will also share a case study on how to successfully land a job without experience, give examples on how to fill in long absences or career gaps in your resume and highlight the importance of  having a good online profile/resume and how to market it.
*Participants can bring their own resumes and work on it during the workshop.

C: Transition to a New Beginning
Keiko Suzuki – President, FOOTSTEPS 

Life is full of transitions. We expect changes to happen and we often need to proactively drive and manage changes that suddenly emerge in our lives. In this workshop participants will learn some tips and practical ideas for coping with changes and how to navigate the phases of transition into a new beginning of your life in the most satisfying and meaningful way.

Kiwi Kitchen

13:00-14:00       LUNCH provided by Kiwi Kitchen & Optional Sessions


Resume Review
Mini Coaching Session (Optional)
Portrait Session with Top Tia (Optional – additional charge of ¥3,500)
*Please see above for details on all optional sessions

Maya Ileto

14:00-14:30       Afternoon Warm-Up Activity  & Optional Sessions
GYROKINESIS® Exercise with Maya Ileto – Certified GYROKINESIS® Trainer

Get ready for the afternoon and rejuvenate your body and mind with this 30-minute GYROKINESIS® class with certified trainer Maya Ileto.

Originally developed to help dancers recover from injury, the GYROKINESIS® method is a wonderful and gentle way to bring strength, stability and grace to everyday movements. In this introductory session, which will be conducted entirely while sitting on chairs, we will mobilize the spine through a series of arching, curling, bending, twisting and spiralling movements. Focus on the breath will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in a sense of calm, wellbeing and mental clarity.  Learn more about GYROKINESIS® exercise HERE 

GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC® Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

Resume Review
Mini Coaching Session (Optional)
Portrait Session with TopTia (Optional – additional charge of ¥3,500)
*Please see above for details on all optional sessions

14:30-14:35          BREAK

14:35-15:50      Afternoon Breakout Session 1
A: How to Leverage Your Strengths for a Career Change    13335557_1182591508447729_9211965286658938372_n
Sarah Furuya – Executive Coach, Life Coach & Facilitator

In this workshop you will learn to identify the difference between something you are good at and something that’s a true strength. Sarah will discuss some of the common themes and self-limiting beliefs that hold people back from career progress and stepping further into their strengths.This workshop will be an interactive experience, in which participants identify what makes them FEEL strong as well as their skills. The goals is that you will create a better and more truthful experience of life and work and find ways to trade off or throw away things that don’t serve you, don’t make you feel stronger or worse still make you feel weaker. It’s subtle sometimes, glaringly obvious other times. Sarah will live-coach as the need arises.

B: Elevate Your Business to The Next Level
Betsy Rogers – Assistant Program Director, JMEC

This session will help you to elevate your business with the help of a business model canvas. Betsy will go through the main areas of the business model canvas and explain how participants can use it for their own business. The core activity of this workshop will be a breakout session where participants will get a business case on which they will work in small groups on one canvas area before finally bringing it all together.

C: How to Balance Careers and Caregiving in Japan (Panel Discussion)
(F) Jennifer Shinkai – Facilitator and Executive Coach – Increase Innovation through Diverse Points of View
Kate Neath –  Founder Tokyo Urban Baby / CRM Manager, Rakuten, Inc.
Akiko Marusawa – HR Director, CBRE Japan
Teruhiko Kinooka – Account Director of Telecom and Technology Solutions at NCR Japan Ltd.

In this panel discussion, Jennifer Shinkai will facilitate and talk with our 3 panelists how they combine work and family and pursue their career while being a parent. They will for example discuss about  how they handle other people’s expectations, deal with challenges, how their own perspectives on  family and work might have hanged but also give useful  tipps to the audience based on their experiences.


15:50 – 16:00      BREAK

16:00 – 17:15       Afternoon Breakout Session 2

A: Influence & Persuade
Yumiko Takeda – Trainer, Dale Carnagie Training

In this workshop you will learn how to influence and win people to your way of thinking, especially if you want to progress in your career, change your career path or if you want to hone those skills as an entrepreneur. Yumiko will help you getting aware whose support you need for reaching your goals, how to position yourself and introduce skills and techniques , that will help you in the process of influencing and persuading others. All participants are welcome and encouraged to share their experiences or ask questions.

B: Interview Techniques
Riya Rapp – Head of Talent, The Carter Group

How to Run the Interview Gauntlet and Other Tricks of the Trade: Interviewing can be one of the most stressful times of your life and can feel a bit overwhelming. People ask, “What should I be preparing for?” Let alone, “How should I do this?” Learning how to not only answer those behavioural questions can boost confidence and “rev up” that go getter in you. Riya will be doing 4 exercises to get the creative problem solving ideas flowing and running through some quick tips so that you can secure that dream job.

C: Cross-C10420051_916332771740272_6093907105470965356_nultural Mediation & Conflict Resolution
Sarajean Rossitto – Mediator & Non-Profit NGO Consultant
Noriko K
ishida – Mediator & Chief Researcher, Cross Marketing Inc.

The workplace has become more globalized and the workforce more diverse than ever. Professional conflict due to gaps in expectations, assumptions, communication and experience can hold us back from achieving our best. This workshop will utilize basic activities that highlight challenges and opportunities people face in diverse work environments. Facilitators Sarajean and Noriko will introduce several tools for dealing with day-to-day issues and share information on opportunities to develop your cross-cultural mediation & conflict resolution skills. Participants will leave this introductory workshop ready to use such tools for a more productive work environment. 

17:15 – 17:45      Wrap-Up,  Prize Draw & Closing Remarks
17:45 – 19:00   
   Networking Reception – Catered by Kiwi Kitchen       

Please check back regularly for all the latest news on the scheduled events for CSS 2018.

  • (F) refers to the facilitator.
  • Speakers are subject to change, cancellation, or addition without notice.
  • All sessions will be held in English. No interpretation will be provided

For general information, including pricing and registration, please go HERE.