November 2016 Women’s Start-up Club Recap: Business Plans: Why They Are Essential

On Wednesday, November 30,  the FEW Women’s Start-Up Club welcomed entrepreneur Joanne Wilkinson to share her insights on business plans and why every startup should have one. Here are the key takeaways on the advantages of having a business plan and how to create one that will help your business. What is a Business Plan? A business plan is a decision making tool […]

Published on 1st January 2017

November Meeting Recap: From Buffy to the Bloodsucking 2016 Election: The Path to Female Empowerment

By Lisa Matsumoto, Public Relations & Communications Intern In the wake of the 2016 American presidential election, we welcomed Fran Rubel Kuzui, a movie director and producer, to our meeting on November 10th to discuss female empowerment. From Tokyo Pop to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ms. Kuzui has paved the way for not just fictional […]

Published on 26th November 2016

Special Event Recap: Be Heard – How to use Strategic Marketing to Stand out Above the Noise with Linda Popky

On Tuesday, November 15, a group of 16 female entrepreneurs gathered for a workshop with Linda Popky to learn more about how to be heard above the noise and work towards a marketing strategy that makes you stand out of the crowd. Linda Popky, founder and president of Leverage2Market Associates, which transforms organizations through powerful […]

Published on 21st November 2016

October 2016 Meeting Recap: Kimono & Modernity

By Lisa Matsumoto, Public Relations & Communications Intern Our second meeting of the year took place on October 13 where we explored the culture of the kimono with Dr. Sheila Cliffe, kimono specialist and professor at Jumonji University, and Chizuko Takahashi and Tomoko Yoshida of Kimono Tango, a small women-run company that recycles kimono obi […]

Published on 19th October 2016

September 2016 Women’s Start-Up Club Recap: Your Business: Offers, Challenges and Needs

FEW Women’s Startup Club (WSC) “Took Off” for its third year on Wednesday, September 28. We were delighted to welcome Tanja Bach, Carolyn Pieroway and Melanie Uematsu as the new WSC Committee for the 2016-2017 FEW year. Thirty attendees, either already operating a small business or who just have a germ or an idea, met in Hiroo to introduce their […]

Published on 3rd October 2016

RISE – A Workshop with Divya Marie Kato and Sarah Furuya Recap

By Tanja Kinnen, FEW Special Events Director Earlier this month, about 12 members of the FEW community gathered for a special workshop, RISE, with Strategic Partners Divya Marie Kato and Sarah Furuya. The workshop expanded on the RISE activity members worked on during CSS earlier this year. The key question asked, as the dynamic duo Sarah and […]

Published on 27th September 2016

September 2016 Meeting Recap: Inclusion Starts with “I”

By Lisa Matsumoto, Public Relations & Communications Intern The new FEW year kicked off on September 8th, as members and guests came together for our monthly meeting where we learned what diversity and inclusion can do for us in our workplaces and communities. Our guest speaker was Janelle Sasaki, a third generation Japanese-American who is […]

Published on 27th September 2016

July Meeting Recap: Feng Shui Tips for Business

By Marie Mortreux, Public Relations and Communications Intern FEW’s July meeting was the last before a one-month summer break. The meeting focused on Feng Shui, or fu-sui in Japanse. Our guest speaker was Master of Feng Shui Jodi Brunner, who is based in Nigata where’s also proprietor of a Japanese restaurant with her husband. The meeting was moderated […]

Published on 19th July 2016

June Meeting Recap: Prioritizing People, Planet and Profit Equally

By Marie Mortreux, Public Relations and Communications Intern Our June 2016 meeting focused on contrasting social businesses and traditional businesses. Two successful women were invited to talk about their experiences in both the corporate and social enterprise sectors: Megumi Hagiuda, founder and CEO of AFRIKA ROSE, and Angela Ortiz, CSR Manager at H&M Japan. The panel was […]

Published on 14th June 2016

19th FEW Career Strategies Seminar “Women Rising” Recap

On Saturday, May 28, FEW hosted its 19th Career Strategies Seminar on the theme of “Women Rising” at Shibaura House. Attended by over 70 FEW members, partners and guests, the day featured a diverse lineup of women from the corporate sector as well as small business owners, coaches and mentors from various industries who led participants […]

Published on 30th May 2016

May Meeting Recap: Women Will – Women in Technology

By Lisa Matsumoto, Public Relations & Communications Intern Both members and guests alike joined FEW’s monthly meeting on May 12 to learn more about what it’s like to work at a world-renowned company like Google. Speaking on her experiences as a woman working in the tech industry, we were fortunate enough to hear from Miki […]

Published on 16th May 2016

April 2016 Women’s Start-Up Club: Outsourcing, Hiring, Partnering and Firing

By Marie Mortreux, Public Relations and Communications Intern The April Women’s Start-Up Club meeting addressed some common problems faced by women after starting their own business. Outsourcing, hiring, partnering and firing are at the heart of decision making when having one’s own business. Three female business owners came to share their experiences in relation to […]

Published on 30th April 2016

Introduction to GYROKINESIS® Exercise for FEW Recap

The GYROKINESIS® method deserves to be better known; perhaps the esoteric sounding name or the idea that you can exercise hard while seated are confusing. For the record, it is a real, sweaty, stretchy workout. Our teacher, FEW member Maya Ileto has been a certified trainer of the discipline for over five years and teaches […]

Published on 20th April 2016

April Meeting Recap: Interview the Interviewers

By Marie Mortreux, Public Relations and Communications Intern Few’s April 2016 meeting gathered many members and guests interested in learning more about the experience of four successful female journalists living and working in Japan: Anna Fifield, Tokyo Bureau Chief for The Washington Post and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University; Tomoko Otake, staff writer, editor and deputy manager […]

Published on 16th April 2016

Actions You Can Take: Women Preparing for Disaster Recap

By Marie Mortreux, Public Relations and Communications Intern FEW’s March 2016 workshop focused on the role women can play in disaster preparedness in Japan. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, there has been an even more urgent need to sensitize individuals to take adequate steps in response to but also in […]

Published on 28th March 2016
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