Community Service

FEW and its Community Service Committee has for the past decade and a half served the Tokyo community at large and enabled FEW members to explore and utilize their skills for the benefit of others. Its mission is to organize, support and facilitate community and charitable activities in Tokyo.

FEW VolunteeringFEW Community Service focuses on three key areas

1. Promotion of volunteering and community engagement programs.
2. Awareness raising of key issues both locally and internationally
3. Raising money for nonprofit organizations as part of Community Service Strategic Partners Program (see below)


To help facilitate this work, FEW has been publishing a Community Services Directory since 1995 where those who are interested in volunteering in the Tokyo Area can find plenty of information. Its latest edition (PDF), published in 2011, contains more than 80 organizations that welcome volunteer help.

FEW’s Community Service Directory has information on organizations, but here we offer some volunteering tips for those of you just getting started.

About the FEW Community Service Strategic Partners Program

Each year FEW selects two non-profit organizations according to the interests of the FEW Community to officially support through fundraising, volunteering and raising awareness as part of its Community Service Strategic Partners (CSSP) Program. Supported NPO’s are Japan-based and conduct Japan-focused activities. Many of the organizations FEW supports work with women, children and vulnerable populations.

Take a moment to learn about the incredible, important and brave work each of our current organizations is tirelessly carrying out. We invite you to join FEW in supporting and advancing the missions of these organizations.

For more information about our CSSPs or how to become a partner organization, please contact

2015-2016 Community Service Strategic Partners

Mirai no Mori

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mirai-no-mori-logo-v3NPO Mirai no Mori creates life-changing outdoor programs for abused, neglected, and orphaned Japanese children. Mirai no Mori’s programs are designed to work together to provide life-changing benefits to at-risk children, the first step in changing a cycle of dysfunction and despair to a cycle of self-actualization and inspiration.

Mirai no Mori Staff Voice

Mirai no Mori Camper & Care Worker Voices

Second Harvest Japan

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Second Harvest JapanSecond Harvest Japan (2HJ) is the only nationwide food bank in Japan. Working toward “Food for All People,” 2HJ receives donations from manufacturers, retailers and individual and then distributes them to those in need. All of the food handled is unexpired and safe for consumption. 2HJ gives food a second life by distributing it to welfare agencies orphanages, women’s shelters, people without homes and others in need.


Second Harvest Message to Supporters

British Business Awards (BBA) Winning: Second Harvest Japan, Social Responsibility 2011