SAVE THE DATE – September Monthly Meeting

Join us September 14th as we kick of the 2017-2018 FEW Year with our first monthly meeting. The evening will be a great chance to  learn from and be inspired by our guest speaker and connect with diverse women from the FEW Community and beyond. We’ll also be welcoming the new FEW Board and sharing […]

Published on 27th July 2017

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We are the masters of our fate and our soul: we decide who we are, what we eat, how we want to live, what music we listen to, who our friends are, and when and how we work. We ask ourselves many questions before making big investments, subscribing to services, or choosing the best education […]

Published on 15th June 2017

A Personal Journey: Japan’s War Brides

Many decades before the Abe government started pushing the term ‘soft power,’ Japanese women were in effect grassroots ambassadors for their country– by marrying American soldiers and moving to the U.S. These so-called war brides quietly represented Japanese culture there, on their own terms. The story of these war brides has for many years remained […]

Published on 17th May 2017

Inspiration and Creativity

We all have a creative side. Some of us use creativity to its fullest and make it a focus of our lives. Others enjoy being creative, but use our creativity only once in a while – to relax, to find balance or to get inspiration. For those of us who are drawn to become more […]

Published on 20th April 2017

Unveiling Japan: New Themes in Travel & Tourism

Japan is currently on a huge drive to increase tourist arrivals to 40 million people by the time of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, up from 25 million in 2016. But its efforts are hampered by a lack of understanding of how to promote itself and create the right circumstances to increase inbound tourism. Meet two […]

Published on 18th March 2017

The Many Shades of Harassment

When we think of violence we can easily bring to mind an image. We know it when we see it, regardless of our home culture. But harassment and abuse are not limited to physical violence. Increasingly, awareness is being raised about sexual harassment and psychological abuse. But what does harassment include? Where do we draw […]

Published on 15th February 2017

Lean In: Japanese Women

What does it take to get Japanese women to ‘Lean In’ and take a more active role in the workplace? How can Japan start to change attitudes so that the approximately 80% of female students surveyed at some major Japanese universities no longer say they expect to become housewives after graduation? For Rena Suzuki, co-founder […]

Published on 17th January 2017

Real Health Talk for Real Women

Let’s be honest: we know what healthy food is, and what we are supposed to eat to cultivate a happy and healthy body and mind. But here’s the reality: because we are real women, we get tired, we want to enjoy ourselves, and let’s face it, diets are not made for real women anyway. They […]

Published on 9th December 2016

From Buffy to the Bloodsucking 2016 Election: The Path to Female Empowerment

Fran Rubel Kuzui is a New York native and film director with four decades of experience working in both the Japanese and American entertainment industry. She directed Tokyo Pop, and the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, eventually becoming executive producer of the hit TV show of the same name, which paved the way for strong […]

Published on 22nd October 2016

Kimono & Modernity

The kimono is an indelible symbol of Japan, and is deeply ingrained in Japanese culture. However, it’s more than just a pretty dress: The designs and methods of wearing kimono have a deep resonance for society as a whole. Please join Dr. Sheila Cliffe, a professor at Jumonji Gakuen Joshi Daigaku and kimono specialist, as […]

Published on 16th September 2016

Inclusion Starts With ‘I’

Janelle Sasaki is a third generation Japanese-American. Growing up in California in a mostly non-Asian community, she experienced cultural differences at a very young age. Sasaki was unable to “choose” her identity until she experienced the power of diversity and inclusion as a college student in the classroom – a story that has fueled her […]

Published on 2nd August 2016

Feng Shui Tips for Business

“Success is as much a matter of what not to do, as it is about what to do.” Feng Shui is the study of how “qi,” the universal life force, affects our health, wealth and relationships. It’s commonly thought Feng Shui involves determining the most favorable design and placement of objects so maximum harmony can be achieved within any […]

Published on 18th June 2016

Social Entrepreneurship: Prioritizing People, Planet and Profit Equally

There are development projects. There is charity and not-for-profit work. There is business and for-profit work. There is corporate social responsibility (CSR). And then there is social business. Ever since Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for demonstrating how microcredit systems enable the poor to lift themselves out of poverty, the number of […]

Published on 31st May 2016

Women Will: Women in Technology

A career in technology isn’t the easiest of paths for women in Japan. Miki Iwamura, Chief Marketing Officer at Google Japan and Managing Director for Google APAC Brand, knows that all too well. She’s been overseeing the tech company’s marketing strategies since 2007 and has revamped Google’s media campaigns — you can see her current […]

Published on 17th April 2016

Interview the Interviewers

Join us April 14 to interview a panel of four incredible female journalists in Tokyo. Come find out the differences between Western and Japanese journalism, what their personal experiences have been working in Japan (struggles and successes included) and what their favorite interviews/stories of their careers thus far have been. Also come get insider info on topics […]

Published on 17th March 2016
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