Building Your Story with Vanessa Oshima

Vanessa is the founder of heart data INC, a marketing strategy company focused on putting the consumer at the heart of the data and creating strategies that are future forward and resonate with the consumer across emotional and functional needs. She has lived in Japan for over 20 years and has worked in the field […]

Published on 22nd October 2018

Masterminding – Supporting your Success

The September meeting focuses on the power of masterminding. Masterminding is simply a meeting of highly motivated people who share a common goal and are looking to encourage and help each other improve. During the September meeting, we will create mastermind groups, let you experience how to run a masterminding meeting and encourage you to […]

Published on 8th August 2018

Women’s Start-Up Club: Branding with Archetypes

Ever feel like your website or brand does not reflect your energy, your focus, or your expertise? There’s a unique part of you that like many business owners, you probably believe you have to hold back or dilute. That powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you is what attracts clients. Join us on June 27th to discover your […]

Published on 5th June 2018

May 2018 Women’s Start-Up Club: The Importance of Cyber Security to Entrepreneurs

Cyber crime and privacy legislation may appear to be the domain of large corporations, but in fact it is an issue that impacts all of us, both as entrepreneurs and consumers. In this session, we will explore both sides of the coin: protecting your customers and protecting your reputation and business online. Topics include: What does cyber […]

Published on 19th April 2018

Women’s Start-Up Club: Online Presence Part II

Come and join us for a full on workshop style FEW-WSC evening on Thursday March 22 for part 2 of building a strong online presence series. We are excited to have three experienced professionals share their practical, hands-on tips on how to set up social media to generate an impact. Workshop Leaders: Marci Kobayashi will […]

Published on 18th February 2018

Women’s Start Up Club: Online Presence – How to Create Content Online

Come and join us with Wolfgang Bierer of Endeavor SBC KK ( for a great evening learning about optimizing webpages and social media. We will take a closer look at what online presence-boosting tools are available, gain a deeper understanding of the best ones for our particular business needs, and learn a few tricks on how to […]

Published on 22nd December 2017

Women’s Start Up Club: Marketing with a Purpose

Now that you have your idea and elevator pitch ready, it is time to deep dive into getting the word out.  Together with Strategy and Implementation Consultant Zsuzsanna Jarfas of Japan Creative Enterprises, we will explore how we can put efficiency and purpose into marketing efforts to create momentum.  Using a case study, Zsuzsanna will […]

Published on 17th October 2017

Share Your Passion

Join FEW for the first Women’s Start-up Club meeting of 2017-2018 FEW year on September 28th! Share  your passion and receive support and feedback to your ideas with fellow women freelancers, and first time and established entrepreneurs. The evening will be an interactive opportunity to share your projects and passions, provide input on what kind of […]

Published on 27th July 2017

Mentorship and Networking

Patricia Bader-Johnston, a serial entrepreneur who also is on the board of the Tokyo Mentor Initiative, will join us to share her insights on how to find, make the best use of, and even become a mentor. More details to be added soon! Patricia Bader-Johnston has founded four companies in Japan and one in Canada, […]

Published on 12th June 2017

Location Independent

What are the secrets behind working “location independent?” Join us on May 31st to hear what it takes to run a successful “location independent” business.  Three specialists will share the truth on running three different successful businesses online: Blogging, Online-shopping and Online communications consulting. Don’t miss another info packed evening with the Women’s Start-Up Club! Panelists […]

Published on 21st April 2017

The Art of Pricing and Negotiation

Come join us for our next meeting on March 29 as we learn about Pricing and Negotiation. Vanessa Oshima, General Manager, Women’s Category, at Nike Japan, will lead an interactive workshop on identifying and developing strategies for successful price setting and negotiating in business– often referred to as an art, as much as a skill. Vanessa`s […]

Published on 20th February 2017

Get Branded!

Learn how to raise your business’s visibility through branding at the Women’s Start-Up Club’s third meeting of the 2016-2017 year. Risa Sasaki of Yoroshiku Fantastic K.K. will share her journey as a successful entrepreneur and will provide insights on how to successfully brand your business. The meeting will be a combination of presentation and workshop-styles, so get […]

Published on 16th December 2016

Business Plans: Why They Are Essential

At our second Women’s Start-up Club meeting of the 2016-2017 year, Joanne Wilkinson, a successful entrepreneur, will share her insights on business planning and business plans and why every start-up should have one. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of having, or not having, a business plan and how to create one that works for your business. Take […]

Published on 23rd October 2016

Your Business: Offers, Challenges and Needs

Come “brag” a little about what you’ve accomplished in your business. Tell us what you’re proud of and share your story with like-minded women in Tokyo. Even if you do not yet have a business, or are still small, this meeting is an opportunity to share what you offer, the challenges you’re facing and what […]

Published on 18th July 2016

Outsourcing, Hiring, Partnering and Firing

When you start out as a one-woman show, you do it all yourself. Tax, admin, website, email, scheduling, cleaning, bills, cooking, bookkeeping, stationery, banking, finances, invoicing, creating, writing . . . the list goes on. At some point, you’ll grow and will need to take the necessary steps to GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED. But […]

Published on 18th March 2016
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