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May 2018 Women’s Start-Up Club: The Importance of Cyber Security to Entrepreneurs

The next WSC meeting will focus on Cyber Security, with Nicola Vote of McAfee shedding light on how entrepreneurs can protect their customers and also protect their reputation and business online.

Wednesday May 30th / 19:00 - 21:30 / Members ¥2000 / Non-members ¥3000 (covers finger food and soft drinks)

Cyber crime and privacy legislation may appear to be the domain of large corporations, but in fact it is an issue that impacts all of us, both as entrepreneurs and consumers.

In this session, we will explore both sides of the coin: protecting your customers and protecting your reputation and business online.

Topics include:nicola1

  • What does cyber security mean for entrepreneurs?
  • What are the biggest issues for entrepreneurs and small businesses?
  • How can we deal with privacy policies (including the new GDPR)?
  • What is the connection between e-commerce practices such as SEM/SEO and online protection?
  • What steps can I take right now to help protect my business?

Our speaker, Nicola Vote, Global Voice of Customer Operations for McAfee’s Consumer Business (and also FEW’s very own Vice President!), will shed some light into the crucial and complex topic of Cyber Security!

About FEW Women’s Start-Up Club

Do you run your own business or are you interested in starting one?

FEW Women’s Start-up Club meets once every two months to address challenges and topics of interest when starting a business in practical, hands-on workshop style.  We discuss issues, insights and share tips based on successes of women running or planning their own businesses in Japan.

The Three Pillars of Women’s Start-up Club:

  1. Thought: Speakers who make us think and give us real and useful information to help our businesses / plans for starting a business.
  2. Talk: The chance to ask questions and contribute to the evening.
  3. Takeaways: A summary of the message by the speaker for each meeting.

Our Vision:

  • To provide a place where likeminded women can talk in a safe and supportive environment about their business successes and issues.
  • To give all women a chance to speak out
  • To provide quality speakers who will enhance our businesses.

All women welcome, whether you have just started your own business, have been running one for years, want to start one or just want to be inspired by meeting energetic women!

Note: Those attendees travelling to the Minami Azabu Centre by bicycle are kindly asked to please refrain from parking in front of the Kenzo Estate Winery. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in ensuring bicycles are parked in an orderly manner.


Kiwi-Kitchen-Logo-Red-200pxFEW Monthly Meetings are catered by well-known gourmet food company Kiwi Kitchen. Based on providing healthy, delicious food from all corners of the globe, Kiwi Kitchen delivers gourmet meals and  provides catering services for businesses and international schools, office functions and meetings, cocktail parties, BBQs and other functions requiring food delivered on-site within Tokyo Metropolitan area.  The company also operates a cafe in Shirokane, right on Platinum dori, less than 10mins walk from Shirokanedai station.

Event Details

May 2018 Women’s Start-Up Club: The Importance of Cyber Security to Entrepreneurs
Wednesday May 30th
19:00 - 21:30
Members ¥2000 / Non-members ¥3000 (covers finger food and soft drinks)
Minami Azabu Centre Hall
4-12-25 Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047