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The Many Shades of Harassment

With March honoring International Women’s Day, our March meeting will focus on recognizing signs of harassment and abuse. Join us as Sachi Nakajima, founder of Resilience, a NPO supporting victims of harassment and abuse in Japan, shares her perspective on what we can do to raise awareness of this important issue and take action to #BeBoldForChange.

Thursday March 9th / 19:00 - 22:00 / Members ¥2000 (Associates ¥1500) / Guests (Women only) ¥5000 / Students & Interns (Women only) ¥3000 (includes light buffet & drinks)

When we think of violence we can easily bring to mind an image. We know it when we see it, regardless of our home culture. But harassment and abuse are not limited to physical violence. Increasingly, awareness is being raised about sexual harassment and psychological abuse. But what does harassment include? Where do we draw the line?

And what about here in Japan? Are these concepts different here than in Western countries? Sachi Nakajima, founder of Resilience, a non-profit organization that supports victims of harassment and abuse in Japan, will give her perspective on harassment in Japan today. She will talk about different forms of harassment and the emotions attached to it. She will also address the difficulties of drawing lines on this topic, share tips on how to spot signs of harassment and abuse in your environment, and provide information on how to raise awareness and take action to #BeBoldForChange.

FEW members Sarajean Rossitto and Jennifer Shinkai as well as FEW Strategic Partner Sarah Furuya will also join Sachi in sharing their experiences with Resilience and why they support the NPO and its mission.

Sachi N1Profile photoakajima has spent a large part of her life studying and preventing harassment, as well as supporting victims. She has a background in Law (Juris Doctor, 1991, Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College) and in Social Work (Master of Social Work, Portland State University Graduate School of Social Work) and holds adjunct positions at several universities in Japan. She is also the author and co-author of several books.

Sachi began her studies of intimate partner violence as a result of experiencing it herself, and founded both the Kokoro no Care Seminar series for women and the NPO Resilience in 2003. Sachi gives over 100 workshops, events and presentations each year, and is looking to develop more trainers.

Learn more about Resilience’s programs here:


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Event Details

The Many Shades of Harassment
Thursday March 9th
19:00 - 22:00
Members ¥2000 (Associates ¥1500) / Guests (Women only) ¥5000 / Students & Interns (Women only) ¥3000 (includes light buffet & drinks)
Minami Azabu Centre Hall
4-12-25 Minamiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047