February 2016 Partner Tips

Each month we feature a short editorial from one or more of our strategic partners containing useful information related to work and life.

This month strategic partners Divya Marie Kato,  Club 360 and Elana Jade offer you some tips to help in both your personal and professional lives.

1.) Divya Marie Kato: Wonderful Website Workshop for Women

A big thank you to everyone who attended my website workshop on February 13, to Lumina for a beautiful venue and to Saya Matsumoto for her write-up of the event. Make sure you check it out for the main takeaways, a step-by-step guide and links to useful resources. Taking up the one-month challenge? If so, I’m looking forward to seeing your websites soon!  

B School
In the workshop, I talked about my No. 1 recommendation for anyone starting their women business — Marie Forleo’s B School. I completed this course last year and it has proved invaluable to my business. Enrolling now for 2016 — check it out today and sign up for the free training videos.

Drawing: Discounts for FEW members & Future Workshop
Dreamed. Drawn. Done. Get from dreaming to done and discover something new about yourself in the process. Drawing classes. Done differently.

Here’s what some of my clients had to say about the experience:

“I thought this was just an art class — it’s so much more!”
“I can’t believe it! I want to say thank you as I couldn’t have come to this point without your classes and drawing!”
“I would recommend your classes to anyone, because anyone can learn the techniques to draw.”
“If you are a beginner, Divya’s guidance will help you lose the fear of drawing.”
“Drawing — something I had always wanted to try. Actually, I was convinced I couldn’t draw at all! But somehow, step by step . . . I am much happier now about how my life is going!”
“Thanks a lot for being you in front of me . . . who was in search of myself at that time. You taught me not only about drawing but also about being my real self.”

Pencil and paper. So much more than their separate parts! So many stories now I’m writing a book about it all. To find out more about the book and to take advantage of big discounts for FEW members on drawing classes and services, head to Drawing workshop TBC for later this year.  

Sign up for free training and email updates and get in touch for a free Skype consultation to ask me all you need to — I’ll be here:

2.) Divya Marie Kato: Dreamed. Drawn. Done.

In an increasingly attention deprived time, thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Time. Limited. Valuable.
I appreciate you being here. 

“So this is Christmas…
No, no, no…
So this is February…
And what have we done?”

What’s this? February I see? How did you get here so fast? Feeling a little of this? Or am I speaking to the coolest of cucumbers?

For those of you who don’t know me or who have recently joined FEW, hello and welcome.  My name’s Divya and I’m an artist who specialises in drawing.  As a previous speaker and member of FEW, I’m grateful to be welcomed back this year as a partner and proud to contribute to a community that focuses on the empowerment of women. So much has changed since the first FEW meeting I stepped into. It was 2012. I had just left full time employment. Drawing got me from dreaming to done.

When in doubt, draw

There was a swelling in my chest when the new year started.
The excitement.
The visitors.
The parties.
Mama over to stay.
So much food and love and wine and wonderful.
I was full.
Full to brimming.
And sensitive all over.
So I did what I always do. I sat down to draw.
Drawing to digest it all. Drawing to process the world.  The wild ride of human experience.
Our special events director, Helen Lewis, friend and fellow writer, likened this to breathing.
Every moment. Every day.
In. Out.
Drawing: Reflecting (in) Expressing (out)

Here’s what I drew. And here’s what I discovered. A chapter for my book. A word for the year.

As I sat down to draw this heirloom, I thought about the strongest feeling I had last year:

Shoulders of Giants

All those who have gone before us.
Being in the space of that place.
It feels big and spacious to me.
Humbling. Raw. Real.

My word for this year: GRACE
From a much bigger place. Bigger than self.
I’ll try to stand in that place more.
Mindfully more.
And when I stray, I’ll sit down to draw.
What do you sit down to do? To take you back to your place? To make sense of it all?

If you’re unsure and looking for a way to:

  • Find a way forward
  • Release stress
  • Discover something new about yourself
  • Make a change
  • Integrate creativity into everyday life
  • Get unstuck
  • Express yourself
  • Reflect and process experiences
  • Spark new ideas
  • Nurture community and collaboration 

I would be delighted to share drawing with you. An extra set of tools for life’s toolbox. 

“Creativity is the buzz word of our time. I demystify it and make it accessible. Less ‘airy fairy’; more nuts n’ bolts.”


For the full write-up, including an excerpt from Divya’s book, “When in doubt, draw” and details on her services for 2016, click HERE.

FEW members can enjoy discounts on Divya’s services, the chance to win private classes, her creative services at events and the two free workshops she will be conducting this year: The Wonderful Website Workshop: Get Your Work Out There on February 13 and Drawing for Development: Discovery, Dreams & Getting to Done, later this year.

Email for a free consultation:

3.) Club 360: Desk-Fit 360 Part 1 – Take a seat.
The first of our five-part series on ergonomics and posture will discuss sitting position.

We generally encounter two basic suboptimal sitting postures:
The majority of people tend to sit with rounded backs and there are a number of different reasons why this occurs. Firstly, many of us sit on the area between the Ischial tuberosities (“sit” bones) and the coccyx (“tail” bone). With females, this habit likely originates from childhood where young girls tend to sit on the toilet with their pelvis rocked back in order to wee in the bowl. In men, the posture is more likely to do with tightness in the structures at the back of the hip, a lack of motor control, as well as a certain degree of laziness. Either way, sitting on this area of the pelvis puts the lower back in a rounded position (Fig. 1 – C). A rounded back may put pressure on structures at the back of the spine, including the intervertebral discs.

The other common sitting posture is most probably a result of the attempt to “sit up straight” as an overcorrection of the rounded posture due to pain (Fig. 1 – A). A person will arch their back in and in the process cause excessive muscle tension in the back muscles as well as compression in the facet joints of the spine.

Fig. 1


Ideally, when we sit, we want to sit in as neutral a position as possible (Fig. 2), maintaining the natural s-curve of the spine, and be able to do so without overly contracting the spinal muscles (Fig. 1 – B). Sitting on the correct area of the pelvis will help facilitate this. The sitting technique we will use is a “Sit bone sit.” As you sit down, reach around and pull back and up on the sit bones one side of the pelvis at a time. You should find now that you are sitting more on the front aspect of the sit bones with the weight more evenly distributed throughout the thighs. This will allow you to relax into the back of your chair without rounding the lower back and sit in neutral alignment without tensing the back muscles.

From here, reach up as high as you can with your arms to set the rest of the spine in a lengthened position then lower the hands and try to keep the spine in this rested position. Finally, look at the position of your knees; they should be at the same level. If one leg is further forward than the other, you may need to “scoot” this side of the pelvis back a little further.

Fig. 2

human spine

If possible you should attempt to perform the booty scoot every time you sit down so that you are starting off in an optimal sitting position.

You should also make sure your chair is at a height that allows the knees to be slightly lower than the height of the hips and the feet should be flat on the ground. More vertically challenged employees may want to consider the use of a footrest if their feet do not touch the ground.

Sam Gilbert has been practicing as a physiotherapist and ergonomic consultant in Tokyo for 10 years. He is the co-founder and co-owner of Club 360 and holds a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and a master’s degree in exercise science.

Club 360’s experienced physiotherapists are available to conduct ergonomic consultations and ergonomic seminars in both English and Japanese. For further information contact

4.) Elana Jade: Exercise & Healthy Skin

Exercise brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin so that it is firmer and better nourished. It is also thought that regular exercise can help slow down the aging process.

Indeed, from reducing acne breakouts to fighting the signs of aging, health experts say regular exercise can play a big role in how young and how healthy your skin looks and feels.

Yoga poseHere are some of the major benefits of exercise for the skin:
· Increased circulation and delivery of nutrients to skin cells, removing potentially
damaging toxins. · Strength training can provide skin the optimum conditions for making collagen, the support fibers that help keep wrinkles and lines at bay and plumps your skin and gives your face the bloom of youth.
· Exercise decreases stress which is a major stimuli of acne and breakouts.
· Doctors say most aerobic exercise, such as walking or bicycling, also offer a “cleansing” effect on skin.

This helps remove toxins that assault the skin – like cigarette smoke, air pollution, even chemicals commonly found in grooming products such as hair spray, deodorant, and shower gels.

So for a healthy body inside and out, exercise is a must! For further information, please consult your skin care specialist!


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