November Strategic Partner News

Check out the latest member offers and opportunities from our Strategic Partners here! Our Strategic Partners are committed to bringing the best services and products to FEW members. And go to our Strategic Partners page to learn more about all of FEW’s Strategic Partners, who not only support FEW’s activities but also provide professional and personal services benefiting the wider FEW community.

Mom in Balance Tokyo: 20% discount on any Mom in Balance membership!

Mom in Balance Tokyo has a new offer, exclusively for FEW Members, which is a 20% discount on any Mom in Balance membership! Enjoy a High-Intensity, Fun and Challenging workout by Mom in Balance on Fridays in Midtown and on Saturdays in Yoyogi Park.

H&R Roppongi: offering 20% off for Coconoma season dining and more!

H&R Roppongi is celebrating 5th anniversary. We are offering 20% off for Coconoma season dining and more until the end of November.

Please see the campaign details from here:

Also only for FEW members, we offer 10% off for serviced apartments and 50% off for members salon (private meeting room)

Elana Jade: Two specials this November!

Elana Jade will be offering two specials this November!

  • 60min Organic Conditioning Facial for ¥10,000
  • 120 Mink Eyelash Extensions for only ¥8,500

To find out more information, please visit:

Club 360: 1 month of unlimited classes for only ¥33,000!

Club 360 is offering 1 month of unlimited classes for only ¥33,000! Classes include Fit 360, Core and Cardio, Barre, Boxing, Kickboxing and more!

Visit their website to find out more details:

TopTia Photography: Capture the memories of your son or daughter for this November’s Shichi-Go-San

Hello to all of the FEW Mothers! TopTia Photography is partnering with a kimono rental store here in Tokyo for this November’s Shichi-Go-San rite of passage celebration! Capture the memories of your son or daughter dressed in a traditional kimono at a local Japanese Shinto shrine. For more details, please contact me at I look forward to talking to you soon!

Divya Marie Kato: Winter Term 2017 & New Year Term 2018

This year, we brought the world’s largest drawing festival – The Big Draw – to Japan for the first time and, despite the typhoon, it was a huge success! Interested in drawing classes or The Big Draw Japan 2018? Email:

Divya Marie Kato FRSA, Founder of When In Doubt, Draw, is an artist and entrepreneur helping people of all ages and abilities learn to draw.

FURLA Yoga: Drop-in class price will be 2500 yen** for the month of December

We regret to inform you that, after 12 years of providing quality yoga instruction in a boutique studio, FURLA yoga will close on December 29, 2017. The last day of classes will be Dec. 28. We are grateful to you for your support throughout the years, and hope that your practice at FURLA yoga has been of benefit. Our staff of wonderful instructors joins us in appreciation.

As a sign of our gratitude, drop-in class price will be 2500 yen** for the month of December (Dec. 1-28, 2017). Please join us for this last, wonderful month of practice at FURLA yoga.*

Again, we are deeply saddened to announce the closing of FURLA yoga, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May your practice continue to bring you health and happiness for many, many years to come.

Warm regards,

FURLA yoga

*Please note: From September 29, the ticket policy is revised, and all tickets will expire as of Dec. 28, 2017. All 4-, 8-, and 12-class ticket sales will end after Nov. 30, 2017. Please purchase the number of tickets which you will be able to use or share by the studio closing date, as there will be no refunds or extensions on ticket purchases. **No additional discounts may be applied.

Sarah Furuya Coaching: New program kicking off February 2018 – January 2019

Sarah Furuya Coaching will be running February is the new January program (FNJ) again in 2018 after a lot of success in 2017!

Kicking off February 2018 and running til end of January 2019- Doors open early January!! Doors open only once a year.

Further details to come later this year with doors opening early January but get in touch if you are interested in a one year long coaching program. Places limited, so if you want to get on the waiting list, let us know!

Rituals, Cycles and Life Stages Urban Retreat with Sarah Furuya & Heike Geiling

A one-day urban retreat following life cycles and how we can add more ritual to our earthly life. Give yourself a day completely immersed in your life and the cycles and rituals that support it and how you can add more play, rituals and celebrations to navigate the cycles of life, no matter what stage you are at. It will be deep, fun, playful, serious, exploratory, revelatory, and peaceful. Join us on an exciting journey discovering how different cultures celebrate and mark each life stage and how we can draw strength by incorporating those rituals in our own lives. Celebrating the changes from youth to old age.

Date: November 11, 2017

Cost: 25,000 yen / 20,000 yen for FEW members

Registration: Please email to register

Venue: (akasaka 9-2-13, minato-ku, tokyo 東京都港区赤坂9−2−13)


Mega Clothes Swap 7 on December 2nd hosted by Sarah Furuya, Amy Hanashiro & H&M.

Cost: 2,000yen per swapper

Venue: Oakwood Premier, Tokyo Midtown 9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0052

More information here:

RSVP necessary


November Community Services Feature with Charles McJilton of Second Harvest

By Tia Haygood, Community Services Director With Winter and the holiday season around the corner, many of us are mapping out our plans for the upcoming thanksgiving dinners, bonenkai, Christmas celebrations, and the like. As we make merry in our end-of-year celebrations, we should still be mindful that in Japan there are 20 million people […]

Published on 31st October 2017

How I Got Here: Aya McCrindle

In my life, I’ve experience five personal ‘tsunamis’ that threatened to leave me broken, but instead gave me strength and led to the creation of the Find Your Element Workshop, a 12 week creative evening program that takes participants on a step by step journey of self-awareness and exploration. I was 24 when the first […]

Published on 30th October 2017

Strategic Partner Spotlight: Sarah Furuya Coaching- Celebrating 5 Years in Business

As I write this, it is 5 years to the day since I quit my job, hopped on a plane to NYC and went to a three-day event called ‘Rich, Happy and Hot Live’ with 500 entrepreneurs and the world’s finest soulful online entrepreneurs. It was a brilliant way to enter my entrepreneurial life and […]

Published on 29th October 2017

Special Event Recap: Make the Connection: Practical Networking Strategies that Work for You

What is networking? How do you prepare for a ‘networking’ event – your approach, look, conversation points, questions? How do you overcome shyness to approach others? Or how do you elegantly end a conversation? What is way the best to follow up and maintain new relationships? Helen Iwata, CEO of Sasuga Communications K.K., answered these questions […]

Published on 26th October 2017

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