For Empowering Women (FEW) in Japan is an exceptionally active and ever-growing Tokyo-based network. We are a collective of globally-minded, English-speaking women who motivate, inspire, and connect with one another through powerful programming, intimate gatherings, and a constant exchange fresh of ideas.


Ready to start something or just moved to Tokyo? FEW’s members are from all over the world and know what it’s like to be new. We’re here for you.


Looking to grow personally or professionally? Our events and workshops run the gamut and we guarantee actionable takeaways.


Through everything that FEW offers, the cornerstone is the community that comes with it. Engage with women like you every step of the way.


FEW connects with and gives time and resources to area nonprofits our members care about. Find and support a cause with FEW.

As the go-to place in Tokyo for personal and professional learning, connection, and inspiration,

FEW’s core activities comprise regular monthly networking meetings, bimonthly Women’s Start-up Club, and a diverse lineup of events that offer professional and personal development opportunities and the chance to learn from, connect with, and gain inspiration from guest speakers, fellow members, and other like-minded women.

All meetings and events are held in English and the majority are open to both members and guests.

Events, Workshops, and Seminars

We hold our biennial flagship Career Strategies Seminar, engage in strategic partnerships, and promote volunteering and mentorship as part of our community services program.


FEW membership is open to women of all nationalities, with numbers varying between 130 and 160 at any given time. Members comprise of professionals in large and small companies, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs in various fields as well as women in various stages of their career like transitioning jobs and students just starting out on their career.

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