Code of Conduct

In April 2018, the FEW Japan Board of Directors, with majority support of the FEW Membership, introduced the following Code of Conduct as an official By-Law of the FEW Japan Constitution.


At FEW Japan, we are dedicated to helping internationally-minded, English speaking women in Japan reach their full personal and professional potential. In order to ensure true learning, connection and inspiration can thrive, we are committed to empowering all members and participants in our community to actively engage in creating a friendly, welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for all.

The purpose of the FEW Japan Code of Conduct is to share our community expectations in regards to both FEW Membership and participation in FEW activities and to set the tone for all FEW communication and activities. It also seeks to ensure confidence, privacy and promote collaboration and open exchange of information to be enjoyed by all members.


Applies to all members, regardless of membership type, including strategic partner representatives.

Once you are accepted as a member of FEW or designated as an honorary member by a strategic partner organization, we ask that you display both personal and professional qualities of integrity, respect, and honesty in dealings with fellow FEW members, directors and partners and adhere to the following principles to ensure continued successful participation in FEW:

  • Serve as a goodwill ambassador for FEW Japan
  • Act with integrity and respect others
  • Respect the time of fellow members
  • Respect the privacy of fellow members

People provide their personal contact information to FEW Japan to support its mission and offer their business cards to other members with whom they have established a business or personal connection.If a member you have met at a FEW meeting or event has requested follow up, the following guidelines shall apply:

  • A call or email is appropriate if requested or permission is offered
  • Unsolicited email, phone calls or contact via social media for marketing or promotional purposes is inappropriate
  • An email about a service or product  is okay if you have had a conversation with this individual and they have expressed interest in receiving additional information
  • Newsletters by email are also acceptable as long as procedures for opting out from future communications are clearly specified
  • Invitation to an educational event is acceptable by email

As well as the above, FEW Membership entails the respect the integrity of FEW information and materials:

The FEW Japan Membership Directory is made available solely for the individual and private use of FEW members in connection with FEW Japan’s mission and activities, and not for any other use including commercial use. You may use the directory to find the name and contact email address of someone you met at a FEW meeting or event or to contact a member to discuss a business issue or question or to seek advice on how they might handle a particular situation.

FEW prohibits the use or disclosure, dissemination or distribution of any membership information other than in the furtherance of FEW’s legitimate purposes, and no such information may be sold, rented or loaned, in whole or in part, for any reason.

All FEW membership information is proprietary to FEW, and use or copying, printing or reproduction of any member information for the purpose of direct solicitation or mass marketing purposes is strictly prohibited, including sending newsletters or similar educational materials to all members on the list or entering member information into databases.

This also entails:

  • Refrain from using the FEW name and/or logo without permission
  • Refrain from using the FEW name to sell a service, including in email subject lines or direct email campaigns that are not part of approved FEW initiatives
  • With the exception of businesses with which FEW has entered an official  strategic partnership, do not imply that FEW endorses or is affiliated with your organization/business
  • Refrain from abuse of power, trust or position or acting in a way that negatively impacts the mission of FEW or which is detrimental to the FEW name

FEW Events and Activities – Applies to all members, regardless of membership type, attendees, speakers, strategic partner/sponsor representatives, volunteers, and other participants at both events sponsored by FEW Japan and sponsor-run events to which FEW and its members are invited.

By registering to participate in a FEW event or another activity, you agree to the following:

  • Be kind and considerate. Respect personal space and common courtesy rules for personal interaction.
  • Be mindful of others around you and ensure a great experience for all
  • Refrain from displaying any demeaning, harassing, aggressive, or intimidating materials or behavior.
  • Dress and behave in an appropriate manner
  • Do not damage private or communal property
  • Obey the rules and regulations of the venue or hosting partner/organization.
  • Promptly report any behavior that makes you or others feel uncomfortable to the nearest FEW Japan representative.

Inappropriate Behavior

Harassment, aggression, intimidation, overt solicitation, and misuse of member information are hurtful, create a sense of discomfort and interfere with another person’s experience and participation in our community. These behaviors will not be tolerated and all communication between attendees should be appropriate for a professional audience.

  • Harassment, Aggression, and Intimidation can be related to, but not limited to: race, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin or ancestry, medical conditions, age, body size, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or presentation, or differing physical or mental abilities.
  • Inappropriate behavior can take many forms such as slurs; jokes; derogatory statements; foul or obscene language; offensive clothing; leering; stalking; staring; gestures; pictures, drawings or cartoons; violating personal space by impeding or blocking another person’s movement or otherwise physically interfering with them; harassing photography or recordings; unwanted or offensive letters or poems; offensive email or voicemail messages; or social media posting; sustained disruption of talks or other events; inappropriate physical contact; unwelcome sexual attention; aggressive, overt or unwanted solicitation; misuse of member information for business development or marketing, sharing of members information with non-members without the prior approval of FEW Japan; and abuse of power, trust or position to intimidate or pressure others in a way that makes them feel dis-empowered.

Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior

Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. If asked to stop behaving inappropriately or in a harassing way, you should comply immediately.

  • FEW Japan reserves the right to take appropriate action, including warning the offender, refusing entry to or removing any party from an event or meeting sponsored by FEW at any time. We also reserve the right to take appropriate action in response to inappropriate behavior at Sponsor events to which FEW Japan and its members have been invited. All determinations are at the sole discretion of FEW Japan and/or its partners, and the decision of the leading FEW Japan representative will be final.
  • Severe breaches of this FEW Japan Code of Conduct may result in a motion for revocation of membership (or refusal of membership upon future application) being brought before the FEW Japan Board of Directors in line with procedures outlined in the FEW Japan Constitution and/or disqualification from participating in future events.
  • Individuals expelled due to violating this FEW Japan Code of Conduct will not be eligible for a refund or other consolation.

How to Report Inappropriate Behavior

If you witness or experience harassment, discrimination, or other inappropriate behaviors that make you or anyone else feel unsafe, uncomfortable or unwelcome at FEW, please inform a member of the FEW Board of Directors on site at a FEW meeting or event or notify us by email.

Kirsten O'Connor

Jackie Steele
Vice President

Shizuka Suzuki
Membership Director


If you have questions regarding this FEW Japan Code of Conduct or its implementation, please contact one of the above three FEW Japan directors.
Periodic Review
The FEW Japan Board of Directors commits to a periodic review of the Code of Conduct to ensure that it continues to align with our goal to create a positive and inclusive environment and address the needs of our community. By applying for membership to FEW and/or registering to attend FEW meetings and events you indicate that you have accepted and will abide by this Code of Conduct.

(V 0.1. – Introduced April 2018)