Team Leadership

FEW Japan was founded in 1981 and has been run solely by members for its members for over 41 years. Legally incorporated in July 2020, FEW Japan Not-for-Profit Incorporated Association is continuing the legacy of building women’s empowerment as a multi-stakeholder community partnering for SDG17 (partnership for the goals) to bring together individual members, organizational members (for profit and nonprofit), and corporate members.

Servant Leadership

Our all-woman board brings together womxn from diverse nationalities and professional backgrounds, welcoming womxn of all cultural backgrounds, mother tongues and sexualities, and bringing an explicitly trans-inclusive commitment to our safe space for womxn in Japan. Directors serve on a purely volunteer basis and have separate professional activities and family responsibilities outside of their board role. As a membership-based community including individuals, organizations and corporations committed to our mission, we are grateful for these individual directors’ willingness to contribute their precious time and talent in support of this vital womxn’s empowerment community in Japan.

Collaborative Co-Leadership

FEW Japan Not-for-Profit Incorporated Association is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected for a two-year term. Chosen from amongst the membership as well as selectively recruited talent with skills that strengthen our organizational capacity and impact in Japan, the Board of Directors mobilizes diverse professional expertise and bilingualism within each of the 2-person teams comprising the Co-Presidency, Co-Vice Presidency, Finance Director, Communications Co-Directors, Corporate Memberships Co-Directors, Individual Memberships Co-Directors, Programs Co-Directors. Our board is supported by paid professionals for accounting, social media, and executive support. We also have a Career Strategies Seminar Committee, and other Committees. Our corporate members invest in our mission along with paying individual members, allowing us to build a multi-stakeholder community of actors committed to advancing women’s empowerment in Japan.