Community Service

FEW’s community service activities enable FEW members to explore and utilize their skills for the benefit of others. We organize, support, and facilitate community and charitable activities in Tokyo.

Interested in volunteering but don't know where to start? We've created a quick guide to help you on your way and below, you can download our Community Services Directory to learn more about opportunities in Japan as well as read up on nonprofits FEW has specifically worked with over the years.

To learn about FEW's most recent activities, check out our community service news posts.

Four Key Areas of FEW Community Service

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Promotion of volunteering & community engagement

FEW has published a Community Services Directory since 1995 where those who are interested in volunteering in the Tokyo Area can find plenty of information.

Interested in the Volunteer Directory?

The 2011 edition (PDF) contains more than 80 organizations that welcome volunteer help.

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raise awareness

Awareness raising of key issues both locally and internationally

FEW is pleased to feature one NPO, NGO or other charitable organization on a monthly basis to bring awareness to their respective causes, including ways for anyone to get involved.

Interested in learning about FEW's Community Service Features?

Click below for information on our 2017-2018 featured nonprofits.

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Supporting and raising money for nonprofit organizations

Over the years, FEW Japan has supported a number of charitable organizations through charity runs, raffles, and more.

Looking to learn more about the nonprofits FEW has supported?

This document (PDF) provides a selection of the nonprofits FEW has helped with more information about their offerings.

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peer mentoring

Peer Mentorship

FEW Mentoring Moments Senpai Dinners and Brunches are part of a series exclusively for members to ask questions to our FEW experts regarding featured personal and professional topics.

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FEW's Newsletter provides information about all of our upcoming, stellar events. Receive updates in your inbox when the next Mentoring Moments event is around the corner.

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