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Lindsey’s Yoga Journey

Lindsey says, “As a child I didn’t even realize that I was practicing yoga or that I was meditating when I closed my eyes for several minutes at a time and would see psychedelic colours, it did register with me though how after my practice I would feel less frenetic. I wasn’t aware that stretching before my dance classes actually involved a lot of yoga poses. I first went to a proper yoga class in 1997 and unfortunately I got a fit of giggles when I was trying to balance in tree pose and the teacher asked me to leave so it took me a little while to go back to class. I have been an “official” student of yoga since 2007 and a teacher since January of 2015. Yoga still gives me an amazing sense of equilibrium and helps me to feel balance in this busy city of Tokyo.”


Lindsey loves to teach and share knowledge, she has taught 3 year olds at an international preschool, a high school teaching English, she has taught Zumba and Salsa classes. Teaching is such a privilege and Lindsey gets to watch people transform and have lots of “Aha” moments. Lindsey says, “I love to watch small changes that happen over time to the people who come to practice with me, it can be as small as a knee that’s no longer sore when placed down on the mat or watching someone do their first hand balance in crow pose, I love that yoga has so many life-changing benefits and that I get to see little transformations every class in every student”.