CSS 2020 Speaker Maya ILETO


Certified GYROKINESIS® Instructor and Teacher Trainer


A Filipina with a nomad background that includes the US, Australia, and Indonesia, Maya has been living in Japan for over 20 years and teaches the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods at Studio Natural Flow in Tokyo, one of Japan’s leading studios to specialize in these methods. She is certified to teach using several kinds of training equipment that address specific needs, and serves a broad clientele, from people recovering from knee surgery or suffering from back problems due to highly stressful jobs, to yoga teachers, high level athletes and professional dancers. Maya also teaches at Tleubaev and De Parc ballet schools where she trains budding ballerinas how to look after their bodies and have long, healthy careers in dance.

A strong believer in the power of nature to heal, Maya hosts regular retreats in Shimoda, Izu, where people have been seen gallivanting in the sand and waves under her instructions. She also teaches classes online so people can join in the fun from the comfort of their own home.

Maya is passionate about helping people feel at home in their bodies after movement helped her overcome a series of personal traumas in her 30s that included infertility and loss.

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“Bodywork made me feel like my body was mine again” – Maya Ileto

SIT TALL, STAND STRONG: Rejuvenation through the GYROKINESIS® Method

  • We are spending more time at home, sitting hunched over staring at screens and wreaking havoc on our backs, necks and shoulders.
  • We are anxious about many unknowns, and all these stresses manifest in our bodies. And we don’t laugh as much anymore.
  • Good posture is essential for many things: it supports your weight properly, creates space for your organs to work better, improves your breathing, helps you move efficiently, and makes you both look and feel more confident. Maintaining good posture, however, doesn’t have to be such a strain.
  • The GYROKINESIS® Method (the basis of the GYROTONIC® Method) makes you sigh, yawn, laugh, and even cry, all while developing your core. We start with a self-massage to awaken the senses, then do a series of flowing movements of the spine coordinated with the breath, all while sitting at your desk.
  • Maya uses vivid and playful metaphors to get you out of your head and focused on how pleasurable exercise can be. This fosters creativity, self-expression, and self-confidence, ultimately making you feel at home in your body again.
  • This workshop will focus on how to keep your spine healthy, maintain good posture and develop stronger core muscles through exercises that you can do between zoom conferences right at your desk, while having a good laugh, and without having to wear lycra.
  • Fans of the movement system include Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jude Law, and Tiger Woods.
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