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Mom in Balance Tokyo offers outdoor workouts for pregnant women, postpartum recovery workouts and total body workouts for all women who want to be fit and in shape, regardless of your sports background or level of physical fitness.

Our workouts consist of a combination of strength and cardio, teamwork and individual exercises, as well as high intensity interval training. During the pregnant and postnatal workouts we focus on safe reeducation of the pelvic floor as well as the core muscles.

All our trainers have a professional education and are specialized in pre- and postnatal workouts. 

We all know that it can be quite a challenge to combine children, friends, work and a full agenda, let alone do this overseas!  Our mission is to help as many women and moms (to-be) as possible in building a strong, energetic life foundation. 

We do this together with our network of positive women, who all find themselves in the same situation here in Japan; trying to raise a family.
When you are feeling physically and mentally good about yourself, it is easier to make the right choices, to work on your personal ambitions and enjoy your family.

We touch women’s lives and inspire them to be at their best. We believe in a positive and personal approach. We will do the best we can, always.
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