Professional Organizer and Founder of iQuitClutter

Nathalie Brantsma


Nathalie was born in The Netherlands and moved overseas in 2002 to explore the world. Together with her husband Roger, son Yorick and daughter Marit she lived in the UAE, Egypt, Thailand, Australia, India, and New Zealand and since January 2017 she is based in Tokyo, Japan.


The death of her mum and life-threatening illness of her father and best friend taught her that bad things happen. It is something we can’t control. What we can control is how we spend each day and what actions we take to make life as enjoyable as possible. That inspired her to found iQuitClutter.


Nathalie is now on a mission to reduce the suffering caused by clutter. As Professional Organizer she helps clients reclaim their time and space through hands-on decluttering and home organizing assistance. With her workshops, she empowers busy people to simplify their living spaces. Nathalie immensely values the importance of confidentiality, reliability, and trust. With her bright nature, non-judgmental approach and positive attitude she hopes to inspire people to live a more fulfilling life.


Nathalie worked as Professional Organizer in The Netherlands, New Zealand, and Japan and is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (“NAPO”) and Institute for Challenging Disorganization (“ICD”). She holds ADHD and Hoarding Specialist Certificates from the ICD.

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