Event Types

As a part of our efforts to realize our mission of empowering women to achieve their full professional and personal potential, FEW caters to the diverse interests of its members and the wider community by offering an extensive range of events aimed at providing inspiration, learning, and networking opportunities.

Monthly Meetings

FEW monthly meetings are held in English and typically take place on Thursdays evening. They are a great opportunity to learn from women leaders and experts in various fields as well as each other, and meet and network with women you may not run into otherwise. When we meet in person we enjoy soft drinks, wine and a delicious finger food buffet.

Online events:
Members: Free 
Non-Members: ¥2000

In-person events
Members: ¥2000
Non-members: ¥5000

If you are living in the Kansai area, please visit the website for FEW Kansai.

Special Events

Normally organized on a monthly basis, FEW special events provide opportunities to socialize and enhance networking among FEW members and other women in and around Tokyo. Special events may include financial planning seminars, training workshops, social gatherings or cultural visits.

Virtual Lunches

We welcome members and non-members to join our virtual lunch table each month. FEW Japan Virtual Lunches take place each month and are a relaxed opportunity to eat lunch together while talking about a focus subject. Past conversations centered around topics such as connection during the pandemic, self compassion, the Japanese concept of “wabi- sabi” and #BLM.  You can read our recaps here

Members are invited to contact Kyoko Nagano, Special Events Director to collaborate on an opportunity to be a guest host on intriguing topics that they are passionate about.  We wish the Virtual Lunches can contribute to personal development, enlightenment and inspiration. 

Online events:
Time: 12:00PM-1:00PM
Members: Free
Non-Members: ¥500

In-person events:
Time: 12:00PM-1:30PM
Both Members and Non-members: ¥1500-¥2500

Peer to Peer “In-speer” Event

This morning networking event is open to our FEW members only to focus on professional development. Get ready with your coffee in hand and receive input, advice and ideas from your peers about how to grow professionally, pivot a career change and gain some insights on different elements on running or starting your own business. 

Time: 10:00AM-12:00PM
Open only to FEW members

Career Strategies Seminar

FEW’s flagship event, this one day seminar is held every two years, bringing together professional women from a variety of industries to discuss career strategies, tactics and opportunities for women looking to change careers or seeking employment in Japan. The next Career Strategies Seminar will be held in 2020. Visit our Career Strategies Seminar page for full details and updates.

FEW JAPAN's Myriad Events
Charity Events

As part of its Community Services activities, FEW arranges charity events which in the past have included cherry blossom picnics, bootcamps, book swaps, and concerts. The FEW year-end party and International Women’s Day event also often serve as fundraising events for FEW’s nominated charities, which usually focus on women, children, and vulnerable populations.


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