An evening with Karen Hill Anton

An evening with Karen Hill Anton Posts

February 24th @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (JST)

Join us for an intimate evening with author Karen Hill Anton. Enjoy as she reads favorite passages from her multi-award winning memoir “The View From Breast Pocket Mountain”. Hear real-life stories, accompanied by vintage photographs, of how Karen has stayed true to herself and navigated Japanese culture in rural Shizuoka since 1975.

Karen Hill Anton has seamlessly crossed cultures in her adopted home town in rural Shizuoka. She has done this while remaining true to herself and her identity and yet enjoyed the friendships cultivated with her neighbours in her community. 

Karen also has a unique perspective of how country life is different from the life that many non-Japanese lead in larger cities like Tokyo or Osaka. She doesn’t identify as an expat, an immigrant or a migrant… Japan is simply her home and where she has raised her family of four bilingual and bicultural children. 

A keen observer of culture and a natural story-teller, Karen wrote for the Japan Times for over 15 years and has now captured her memoir “The View from BreastPocket Mountain”. She will share some of her favourite passages and vintage family photos during this intimate literary evening. 


  • How to live your life authentically no matter where you are. 
  • How to stay true to yourself and yet remain cognisant of your surroundings and culture.   
  • No need to feel like a rebel but be comfortable with standing out. 
  • Understanding the requirements of co-operation while living in a rural Japanese community.
Karen Hill Anton

Karen Hill Anton wrote the popular column “Crossing Cultures” for The Japan Times for fifteen years. She has worked as a coach and consultant with major corporations in Japan, and lectures widely on her experience of cross-cultural adaptation and raising four bilingual, bicultural children. Karen served on the internationalization advisory councils of Prime Ministers Keizō Obuchi and Ryutaro Hashimoto. Originally from New York City, she’s achieved second-degree mastery in Japanese calligraphy, and has lived with her husband William Anton in rural Shizuoka province since 1975. Her multiple award-winning memoir The View From Breast Pocket Mountain has met with acclaim from reviewers and readers. She is currently completing a novel.

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