Beyond Bootstrapping! Funding pathways for tech and regional revitalization

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November 18th @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (JST)

Are you currently bootstrapping in your business? Are your dreams and passions bigger than your current cash flow? Do you want to leverage your skills to make a bigger impact in your local communities?

Is bootstrapping the only option for women-led ventures and entrepreneurial journeys? What does it look like to be the CEO of your own venture or start up? How can you raise the funds to get your passion project up and running and turn that wishful dream business into reality? Do you seek inspiration on how to follow the money trail and catapult your business impact?

November’s monthly meeting will introduce you to two amazing women who have done just this. They are at different stages of the funding process and can give insight on the challenges and possible paths forward.  

Satoko Ohtsuki is the CEO and co-founder of SPIDER AF – an anti ad fraud technology which is now the market leader in the Japanese cyber security space . Her story of taking her ideas through a successful pitch competition through the different levels of funding from startup stage through to mature company is inspiring. 

Violet Pacileo’s story of pivoting from corporate into business owner shows how a multi-passionate life can be turned into a profitable and impactful business of your own design. Violet’s shares how you can choose your lifestyle, where you live and the impact that you make by leveraging existing government grant programs and Rural Revitalisation initiatives already in place in Japan. Understanding the “game” lets you play harder and reach higher.   

Wherever you are in your career journey, whether thinking to start a passion project or side hustle, or full into the entrepreneurial path, this event featuring two outside-the-box, yet down-to-earth women will inspire you to look at creative ways to think about and then go after your dreams.

Satoko Ohtsuki

Satoko Ohtsuki is the CEO and Co-founder of Spider Labs, Ltd. In 2011, Satoko was finishing her master’s in Atomic Physics. After graduating, she started Spider Labs with her fellow physics researchers. In 2017, Spider Labs launched an ad fraud detection tool called Spider AF. The product launch was successful and now Spider AF is a market leader in the Japanese ad tech market. In her personal life, she is the mother of three beautiful children.

Violet Pacileo

Violet is a seasoned finance professional with over 15+ yrs working in Tokyo, London and LA for Japanese and international investment banks and asset managers. Her background is in Japanese equities, advising Japanese companies on their institutional investor strategies including ESG and corporate governance strategies and most recently consulted for HK based hedge fund.

She relocated to the countryside in Kochi in Aug 2020 to promote economic development in the region. She is of mixed heritage, born in Tokyo and raised in both Japan and the UK and bilingual. She has been a passionate advocate for women’s rights.

She is the host of NHK World’s Otoyo: Bringing Fresh Life to a Traditional Community, and is scheduled to host more episodes along the theme of Genkai Shuraku (“Marginal Village”). As part of her Otoyo revitalization project, her company VP Advisors K.K. is building a riverside CrossFit retreat in the town, which is due to open in Spring 2022.

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