New FEW Milestones, new FEW Board Vision!



  • 9.23.2021 @ 7pm JST – September 23rd Members’ Meeting – Career Mentoring  (7.00-8.30pm) 
  • 10.21.2021 @ 12pm JST – October 21st Virtual Lunch – FEW 40th HERStory Event (12.00-1.30pm) 

Message from FEW’s Co-Presidents

Dear Members & Friends of FEW Japan, 

Over the last two years, FEW Japan has undergone some foundational changes. FEW Japan Not-for-Profit Incorporated Association was born on July 1, 2020 and we successfully had our 1st Annual General Meeting in July 2021. We are now in year 2 of our legally incorporated Association and this paved the way for further financial capacity-building to co-create a stronger future. FEW is now stronger than ever!

Multi-stakeholder community-building rocks!

Historically, we’ve been 100% funded by individual women in Japan. With our new Membership/Sponsorship Policy, we have welcomed 8 progressive organizations & companies into our community who want to fund and support our pivotal mission of investing in women’s empowerment. From July 2021, we are also proud to count Audi Japan as the newest collaborator and Corporate Sustaining Member strengthening our community. Stay tuned for more info forthcoming on our website. 

FEW is turning 40!

This October 2021, FEW Japan celebrates our 40th year since its original founding in 1981. To celebrate, we will feature the creative voices, Japan journeys, and HERSTORIES that have sustained this organization in a country that ranks at a mere 120th on the global gender gap. We stand on the shoulders of past directors whose nonprofit service has paved the way for this organization to serve and support diverse women in 2021.

A new team and vision is born!

Board of Directors 2021-2023

This July 2021, we welcomed a new board of directors represented by over 9 different nationalities. FEW Japan’s 2021-2023 leadership team co-created a vision to support women in achieving their professional and personal development, with an annual focus on three themes: connecting to womxn in regional Japan, celebrating diversity in tech, and investing in personal wellbeing.

We decided to build a safe space of community and connection across women of all nationalities, sexualities, gender identities, abilities, and paid/unpaid professional pursuits and passions. As an LGBTQ-inclusive space, you’ll see  both women and womxn in our communications. As an apolitical, nonprofit Association for English-speaking women living in Japan, a common denominator is our firm belief in the need for investments in solidarity, equality, diversity and equity.

Taking FEW Digital offers a safe space for multiple communities of women! 

Due to the global pandemic, over the last year we pivoted our offerings to serve our base through online events, engagement and social networking. We grew our membership to include non-Tokyo residents and plan to continue offering online programming for the rest of 2021.

We continue to monitor the vaccination impact, and are growing a *big tent* women’s organization capable of connecting multiple communities, including foreign expat women on short-term positions, long-term foreign/immigrant women for whom Japan is home, English-speaking Japanese women looking for intercultural connection, all of whom seek an equitable, welcoming community. 

FEW Japan is here for you. Get involved and let’s make HERSTORY together!

Our new program year kicks-off on September 23rd and we look forward to bringing you exciting moments of inspiration and connection. In the meantime, join our community-building and 40th anniversary celebrations. We seek volunteers for: 

  • our 40th anniversary celebrations team
  • our communications team
  • our community-building team 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas at

Fabulous at 40, FEW Japan is here to stay for another 40! And we have a ton of fun ‘stirring the pot’ for more sustainable progress and equity for womxn in Japan. 

In solidarity,

Jackie F. Steele
President & Representative Director since 2020
Kaoru Utada
Co-President & Representative co-Director since 2021