Get to know the people supporting the board

The board members at FEW are volunteers with lives, families and businesses outside of their FEW duties. We couldn’t do our FEW work without the support of paid specialists to assist with the technical, design and organisational areas. 

We would love to shine a light on these amazing people who make us look good. 

Today’s crew member, Kayo Tokumaru who is the Founder and CEO of AND ASSIST – who provides bilingual administration support. 

Kayo Tokumaru (CEO)


Kayo Tokumaru

LOCATION – where are you in the world?:

Tokyo, Japan

Role at FEW and timeframe of service?

We are providing virtual assistant services to FEW – specially in the area of administration.

What do you do in your regular job?

I am a founder of AND ASSIST Inc, Tokyo based virtual assistant service provider.  

Why I started AND ASSIST

As we see movements of women into the workforce, more and more mothers are looking for ways to balance work and family, but it is certainly not easy. How can we create a system that allows mothers to value their talents and optimize their abilities at their own pace?

With that in mind, AND ASSIST was founded.

We want to build a system where mothers can work and raise children and fulfill their abilities. We would like to introduce our ideas and thoughts of starting AND ASSIST.

Here is the bio and photo of one of our VA’s – Yuki

Yuki Kawano (VA)

Yuki is a senior assistant for AND ASSIST.  After her studies in Europe, she worked in the travel business for a large Japanese company. After completing her graduate studies at Sophia University, she worked as a core member of operating clerical tasks to coordinate tasks both within and outside the company at a business school. Currently, she’s been training to be a supervisor.

Tell us some fun facts about you..  

Actually, my 9 yrs old son belongs to a Japanese traditional lion dance performance group, 獅子舞 and I really enjoy supporting the group. Not recently because of the covid but we traveled many parts of Japan to perform.

Where can we learn more about you?



AND ASSIST LinkedIn Company Profile