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Jarman International KK

At Jarman International, our goal is to bring unique Japanese content (places, products, cuisine, experiences, etc.) directly to internationals living in Japan and around the world. Through our work with regions in Japan, restaurants, golf courses, hotels and more, we learn that the world is eager to hear the stories of these places. Our JI Core 50 group consists of unique professionals with great experience and knowledge in and of Japan. With the insight of Jarman International in Japan on living and exploring this fascinating place, we hope more of the world will consider this country a preferred destination for travel, work and residence.

Since our founding in 2012, we’ve experienced Japan’s growing welcome to the world in terms of travel, work and relocation. With Japan’s continued focus on attracting international visitors, workers and residents, the need for diversity and inclusion will only grow. Greater diversity is just one aspect of internationalization and we hope our viewpoint can offer insight to Japanese regions, businesses and organizations as they navigate our brand new normal.

Whether it is training, translation, surveys or monitor trips, Jarman International is here to help companies tweak their current business model for a more international audience.

Meet Ruth Marie Jarman, Founder and CEO

CEO Ruth Marie Jarman grew up in the multicultural paradise of Hawaii. As a child, she spent a year in Edinburgh and has been hooked on “international” adventures ever since. Ruth received a BA at Tufts University in International Relations and came immediately to Japan to enter Recruit Co., Ltd. in 1988. At Recruit, Ruth created the Recruit Seagulls Cheerleading team and was the first cheerleader inducted into the Seagulls American Football Hall of Fame in 1993. Ruth received her Japanese language proficiency level 1 certification in 1994 and achieved her Takken (宅地建物取引士) Japanese real estate license in 2006.

After running a small translation/interpreting operation via which she interpreted for the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Joe Montana, Serena Williams, Monica Seles, etc., Ruth was invited by her mentor Hiromasa Ezoe to help build a new venture started by Space Design Inc. in 2000. Between 2000 and 2012 Ruth oversaw the sales and marketing division and was promoted to a member of the board in 2010. By 2012, Ruth had worked to keep high occupancy in 18 buildings in Tokyo and Yokohama totaling some 1200 serviced apartments.

Over her career at Space Design, Ruth came in contact with over 40,000 executives in various industries who stayed at the apartments. This is where she learned first hand about the various challenges faced by professionals on business trips to Japan. Ruth started Jarman International KK in 2012 as a resource for Japanese companies, local communities, etc., to better connect with and welcome internationals.

Ruth currently serves as Outside Director, Member of the Board for KADOKAWA Corp. (from June 2020), Director for the HRM Association, Councilor for the Japan Women’s Education Association, Expert for the Ministry of Reconstruction, Member of the Kanagawa Prefecture Revitalization Advisory Board and is an active member of the ACCJ (American Chamber of Commerce in Japan), FEW and Leadership 111. She was selected as ACCJ Tokyo (Female) Leader of the Year and appeared on the entire 5-year-run of the national network’s NHK’s Basic Business English Series しごとの基礎英語.

Ruth has authored six inspiring books in Japanese about the strengths of Japan’s culture and its people:

  • 33 More Reasons to be Proud「日本人が世界に誇れる33のこと」
  • There is Really Something Special About JAPAN!「やっぱり凄いよ、日本人」
  • JAPANESE Women, the Source of Strength in the Land of the Rising Sun「世界に輝く ヤマトナデシコ日本の底力」

The first two books were written for a general audience and the focus of the third was to encourage Japanese women.

  • The Magical Response: Business English and Skills for Successful Conversation「魔法の切り返し」

And in the winter of 2018, published her most recent book,

  • 39 Special Features for JAPAN to Forever Hold Dear「日本人がいつまでも誇りにしたい39のこと」
Ruth Marie Jarman 39 Special Features for JAPAN to Forever Hold Dear

Ruth is a popular presenter across Japan on the speaking circuit for Kyodo and Jiji Press. Ruth’s goal is to support Japan’s smooth transition into a new, and much more international era.

FEW Japan is very pleased to have Jarman International KK as a Corporate Sustaining Member and continue to be inspired by Ruth’s insights on women’s empowerment and her profound contributions to the community in Japan. Read our June 2020 event recap: A Creative Mindset: The Key to Success in a Post-Pandemic Economy with Ruth Marie Jarman

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