June Community Services Feature: Baamboo


Baamboo LogoIn April of this year, eleven women of various backgrounds met at the Mercer Cafe in Roppongi to discuss volunteerism in Japan. Over coffee and french toast, the attendees, from both the private and public sectors, asked volunteer work experts how they could find volunteer organizations that can benefit from their specific skill sets.

One of the experts in attendance was Mari Kiyota of Baamboo, an organization that aims to globally connect non-profit and non-government organizations with skilled professionals.

During brunch, Mari discussed digital volunteering, a new volunteer-based concept that intrigued several attendees. Digital volunteering refers to volunteer activities completed entirely or in part online. It is also known as remote volunteering, e-volunteering, or virtual volunteering. Some of the popular activities in this area of volunteerism include research, writing, graphic design, software maintenance, legal work, and medical consultation.

In addition to connecting volunteers to organizations, Baamboo also provides workshops. The goal of each workshop is to introduce business-minded concepts for NPOs and NGOs seeking to enhance their impact globally or locally. Baamboo has partnered with organizations such as the Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine (FOCOS) to help generate building ideas and to strengthen marketing and social media skills.

After spending this past year researching and writing about local NPOs, I’ve asked each organization featured in this blog what their primary challenges and struggles are. Aside from funding, many NPOs expressed a true need for skilled volunteers for consulting work, translating, and web management. Baamboo is a fantastic solution.

For our FEW members seeking to expand your resume or looking to utilize the skills you have, Baamboo can connect you to organizations in need of your expertise! Sign up using Baamboo’s website, list any and all skills that you think will be viable for social impact organizations.

Use the link here to sign up.

Be sure to keep an eye of Baamboo’s numerous events and workshops. You can follow them via Facebook.

Remember, no matter what skills you have, you can always make a difference!