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FEW membership comprises women from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and professions and we love hearing how we’ve helped our them! Read what some of our Members have to say.

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mary-fidler“I attended the FEW Career Strategies Seminar in 2006. I was so energized by that event, I decided right then and there to join the group and soon after, I joined the board as Special Events Director. FEW connected me to a whole cadre of inspiring people. If you lean toward introversion, like me, getting actively involved is a sure way to be more comfortable in an organization.”

Mary Fidler
Style Curator (Profile here)


BoardPetra“Joining FEW was a first for me, but I was welcomed with open arms. The genuine interest in helping one another succeed flies in the face of awful stereotypes associated with women. We’re not here to compete with each other but to propel each other forward. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

Petra Canon Trudell, Freelance Writer/ Internet Strategist  (Profile here)


helen-lewis“When I came to FEW in 2012, I realized what had been missing: community and stimulation. I loved the energy and intelligence of the women I met in my first meeting, and when I was asked to be Special Events Director, I happily accepted. This opportunity to try different things combined with the support of a friendly army of women helped me get my groove back in teaching. The connection between community and stimulation now runs through all areas of my life.”
Helen Lewis MA (Oxon)Educator / Radio News Presenter  (Profile here)

megumimoss“When I left my corporate job and decided to start my own babysitter matching service, I realised I didn’t know many people outside of the company and wanted to build my network, so at the urging of a friend, I decided to join FEW. FEW has been inspirational for me. Meeting very motivated women has helped me to tap into my own motivation. Without FEW, I would not have been able to take my company to where it is today.”
Megumi MossCEO of Babysitting Matching Company (Profile here)


Philomena-2 (2)“It was thanks to the upcoming publication of my second book  that I stumbled into FEW, being asked to present on a fashion-themed panel in late 2015.  I was soon back for another monthly meeting not as a presenter, but a member. Now I am a regular attendee of both monthly meetings and the Women’s Start-Up Club, and it is with FEW’s support and bonhomie that I consider the next stage of my encounter with Japan.”
Philomena Keet, Anthropologist & Author (Profile here)


TopTia Photography FEW Members Photos (4 of 1)“In 2015, I wanted to push myself more as a photographer and began to build my portfolio. In doing so, I met many people, several from FEW, who praised my work and encouraged me to take up photography full-time, even though I spent many months asking myself if I could.  I have worked with many of the FEW ladies during my first year in business and recently became a FEW Strategic Partner. Providing aid to the community has allowed me to feel a strong sense of contribution to the FEW family.”
Tia HaygoodPhotographer (Profile here)

Tanja Bach Profile Pic2“FEW has been an important part of my journey here in Japan.  The first time I crossed paths with FEW was in 1999, when I was new in town, looking to find some friends.  However, as work got busy, I took a break that unintentionally lasted for almost 15 years. Fortunately, the friendships endured and in 2015, I was approached by the FEW Board to be a speaker at the FEW Career Strategy Seminar.

In summer 2016, by the twist of fate, I ended up being a committee member of the Women’s Start-up Club.  This activity goes straight to the heart of my passion to empower entrepreneurs with encouragement and practical, hands-on tips on how to be successful. I feel fortunate to have met and benefited from the knowledge and energy of amazing female entrepreneurs at different spectrums of their start-up journeys and am able to connect to a variety of inspirational speakers. Not only has this helped me to grow as an entrepreneur myself, but the connections and network have provided business opportunities that I otherwise would have not come across.”
Tanja BachCorporate Trainer  / Coach (Profile here)

Nina FEW_cropped2

“In addition to work, FEW is yet another community where I’ve found inspiring women, coming together from all different backgrounds and passions. It’s in this international community of driven women that I find encouragement to pursue future aspirations and where I can also join in celebration of and support for the incredible work of other women. FEW’s blend of appreciation for Japan and its commitment to fostering international connections is motivating. I feel excited to continue to connect within the community in Japan and around the globe.”
Nina Cataldo, Travel Writer /  Writer & Advisor at Publishing Company (Profile here)          

image1 (2) (1)“FEW has inspired me more and more to go forward and to put my idea into something real. The group of participants is absolutely interesting and very wide-spread in terms of profession, backgrounds and cultures. The meetings and the seminars are always inspiring, uplifting and encouraging.” 

Ann-Katrin van-SchieYoga Instructor (Read profile here)