November 2020 Monthly Meeting

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November 5th @ 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (JST)

In the FEW Japan November Monthly Meeting, Christey West, co-founder of “Just Peoples“ will share her own and her organisation’s success story during COVID-19. Just Peoples supports project leaders solving poverty worldwide; each of the project leaders has had to consider deeply how to reimagine their business model in order to be able to help others during the COVID pandemic.

Walking in the shoes of local residents, thinking outside the box, and being flexible, Christey’s organization tried many approaches and is now well on the way to success helping many women and families in the world. Christey will share the motivation for her success story and also elaborate on the difficulties the organization faced.

If you are interested in business models, non-profit organizations, and real life success stories emerging during this new normal, this event is for you. Do you want to feel motivated by the flexibility and inspiring work of others? Then absolutely, this is an event you will enjoy. You will take away multiple business ideas from all over the world, the mindset of re-imagining, and good motivating feelings.

Hope to see you in November!

Christey West

Christey helps people make a tangible impact on global poverty. She started out with a focus on human trafficking, working in research, advocacy and rehabilitation roles for NGOs in Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines and Singapore. 

After several years working “in the field” Christey realised she wasn’t best placed to solve the complexities of poverty in foreign locations, but she’d worked with great people who were. So in 2015 Christey co-founded Just Peoples, a non-profit that sources funding for grassroots NGOs across Asia and Africa by connecting them with people who want a transparent, rewarding and personal way to contribute to the world. 

As Chief of Impact she currently works with local project leaders in 11 countries to create sustainable solutions to localised poverty. 

Note: This event is for women and women-identifying guests only.

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