P2P Event, December 2022

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December 10th @ 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (JST)

What is the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Program?

This program is a unique opportunity for FEW Members to learn, thrive, and connect with each other. Whether you are growing your business, looking to optimize your experience in a current position, or are interested in creating effective strategies to change your career, or pivot into new projects, P2P will be an asset for you.

Who Will Benefit from Joining P2P?

In Session 2, we will be learning to navigate our emotions and claim our voices. Have you ever had issues with self-esteem or felt imposter syndrome around your business or career?  

We will learn about the nature and purpose of emotions, and some powerful strategies for processing them. Through a mini-guided session, we will revisit past experiences that created emotional blocks and beliefs, learn to transform and harness them for self-empowerment, and reclaim our voice. 

We will take time to rediscover the rich complexity and beauty of our full individuality and unique voice through a guided diversity-mapping activity. We will walk away with a fresh take on all the creativity of our diversity empowering us to contribute our unique voices into the world. 

Blending the insights and expertise of our two guest speakers, we will leverage our unique experiences with adversity, and learn to mobilize our lived experience towards empowered allyship with ourselves and with others we care about.

Your Hosts for FEW Japan Peer-to-Peer Events

FEW Membership Directors Tiffany Rossdale and Christine Brown will be your hosts along with facilitators, Dr. Mira Simic-Yamashita and Dr. Jackie F. Steele. 

Tiffany Rossdale
Christine Brown

Navigating Emotions & Claiming Your Voice

Session 2 – December 10th  

10:00am – 12:00pm JST

Dr. Mira Simic-Yamashita

Dr. Mira Simic-Yamashita is a psychologist, therapist, and university lecturer. She is from Serbia and has lived in Japan for 19 years. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Belgrade in Serbia and holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in psychology from Okayama University in Japan.
She is a clinical hypnotherapist and a Rapid Transformational Therapist. She runs a private therapy practice, helping people globally to overcome a variety of emotional and psycho-somatic issues, including migraine and chronic pain.
She is also a mom of two humans and one dog. In her free time, she plays the flute, travels with family, or enjoys quietude with a cup of coffee.

Dr. Jackie F. Steele

Dr. Jackie F. Steele is a trilingual political scientist, author, and international speaker who has taught at leading universities in Canada and Japan, including six years as associate professor at the University of Tokyo. She has published over thirty academic works, is a long-time collaborator of the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, and is an advisor to UN conferences focused on gender equality, diversity, and disaster/crisis risk governance. As founder and CEO of enjoi Japan K.K. Dr. Steele has guided corporate leaders on diversity and equity for innovation (DEI) as a holistic and evidence-based business strategy. In her volunteer life, Jackie serves as President of FEW Japan supporting women’s empowerment, and is also a director of the Pride Business Alliance Japan. To support the next generation of intersectional diversity leaders, she is an angel investor with SheEO Canada, and is the Strategic Advisor of WomEnpowered International hosted at GRaSPP (UTokyo). Since April 2022, she is Senior DEI Business Partner for Amazon Japan.

What we’ll be doing

Dr. Mira Simic-Yamashita will teach about emotions and how to navigate them. She`ll lead us through a mini-guided session to discover a limiting belief and how to transform it. Then we will have a chance to discuss our experiences and ask questions. 

Next, Dr. Jackie Steele, will lead us through a self-to-systems diversities mapping exercise to help us reveal all our social vulnerabilities and superpowers. She will guide us in understanding how our complex societal positioning and vulnerabilities can be reclaimed to empower our voice, allied collaboration and innovation. 

In small breakout groups, and large group discussion we will bring the learning together to discuss and start leveraging these insights across our emotional and social strengths to foster holistic wellbeing. 

We’ll have even more amazing events in 2023. Mark your calendars: we’ll share more information in news for our members. 

Session 3:  February 18th (2023) 

10:00am – 12:00pm JST

Session 4:  April 15th (2023) 

10:00am – 12:00pm  JST

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