P2P Event, Clarify Your Vision Throughout 2022

P2P January 2022

January 8th @ 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM (JST)

What is the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Program?

This program is a unique opportunity for FEW Members to learn, grow and connect with each other, in the context of growing their own business, optimizing their experience on the job, or creating effective strategies to change their career.

Who Will Benefit from Joining P2P?

We believe that, if you describe yourself as one of the categories below, when you join us, you will find a rare opportunity to have a mastermind experience in English in Japan. This is a great way to find your community of like-minded women, and help each other grow. 

  • Corporates  – currently working at a company
  • Entrepreneurs –  already started or thinking about starting your own business
  • Pivoters and Inquisitors– for those looking to pivot their careers/get back into the workforce, or who are exploring their options

FEW Directors hosting the P2P Event

FEW Membership Directors Shizuka Suzuki and Corinn Wilson are your hosts, with FEW Vice President Kyoko Nagano: we are all so thrilled that FEW members will be able to take advantage of this rare opportunity to help you achieve your goals, by identifying your own strengths, and learning to use them effectively.

Guest Facilitator

Facilitator: Carole Copeland Thomas, MBA, CITM, CDMP

As an award-winning TEDx speaker, trainer, and global thought leader, since 1987, Carole Copeland Thomas moderates the discussions of critical issues affecting the marketplace, including global diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism. Now speaking on the Zoom platform as a Virtual Presenter, Carole keeps her pulse on working professionals’ issues and regularly consults with industry leaders. She has spent 34 years cultivating relationships and partnerships with local, national, and international clients and sponsors, including State Street Corporation, Walmart, Amtrak, and Emirates Airlines. Carole served as an adjunct faculty member at Bentley University for ten years. She has spoken in nearly every state in the US and seven other countries. Carole is the past president of The National Speakers Association-New England Chapter and served on Black NSA’s leadership team. She has been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Black Enterprise, ABC Radio, and CBS News. Carole is a blogger and social media enthusiast using various technology platforms to enhance her business development activities. 

What we’ll be doing

Veteran speaker, trainer, and consultant Carole Copeland Thomas will take you through a step-by-step Vision clarity session designed to stretch you beyond today and well into your future. She will help you assess your current conditions as you create the boldest and broadest Vision Statement for your future. You’ll understand how to create an “evergreen” Vision Statement that will last for decades.  And Carole will share with you how her Vision statement was revealed during one of the worst periods of her life, yet is still relevant some 24 years later!

You will learn how to:

-Create an inventory list of your personal and professional achievements

-Separate your challenges from struggles that turned into opportunities

-Distinguish between a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement

-Understand why your Vision Statement must be broad and futuristic

-Celebrate your milestones as you monitor your Vision Statement from year to year

-Help others capture their own Vision Statement when struggles come their way

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