Recap: Mentoring Moments – Finding Love in Japan

Mentoring Moments July18
The third and final Mentoring Moments event for the year was held, Sunday, July 8th at the Kiwi Kitchen in Hiroo.

Despite the sweltering heat, eight ladies came to ask questions to three FEW members about finding love in Japan and the subsequent situations that stem from cross-cultural dating and married life. Married ladies themselves, Cher Mori, Gizem Sakamaki, and Bianca Himmelsbach shared memorable stories of how they met their Japanese partner’s while in Japan.

We laughed as Cher pointed out the how telling it is to see a man wear brown shoes and listened to both Gizem and Bianca’s thoughts on raising bicultural children in Japan as well as their desires to continue having a career while in Japan.
And no question was taboo for the ladies. One point the discussion focused on was how to define one’s own expectations in a relationship apart from everyone else’s expectations. Finding a partner who is considerate of her career and cultural difference or finding a partner who won’t subject her to gender roles or traditions they may or may not wish to participate in.
By the end, many of the ladies, seemed feel a bit better about not being alone in their opinions or concerns regarding dating in Japan. We didn’t solve the notorious problem of foreign women dating in Japan but each woman was able to take a piece of advice from our lovely senpais and each other for the road ahead.
Mentoring Moments meetups are here to stay for the 2018-2019 year. If there are certain topics you would like to ask questions on, send an email request to