Summer Social & Games Night June 30 2022 Event Recap

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FEW Japan welcomed the summer in style through a virtual Summer Social and Games Night which allowed members to get together, have fun, connect with their board and share their key takeaways in the past year. There were no formal speakers, our members were the stars of the event. 

We were amazed by the support of our community where 63 members signed up for the event and we also had 4 guests who are not yet members. We took a word cloud of everyone’s location and we were proud to learn that our work has made an impact in a lot of cities across Japan as seen through the various locations our members come from. 

The evening was followed by a fun Bingo/Scavenger hunt game which had a card with a nine panel and random questions. The first 20 people to get a bingo on their cards won some prizes. It was a good opportunity to interact and network in a fun way. 

What does “Community” mean to you?

The audience was asked to describe what “Community” means to them in 5 words. We had another word cloud for the words that they really resonate with when they think about community. Our goal is to provide the kind of “community” that people desire; this event was really helpful in bringing us closer towards that goal. 

We want to hear YOUR voices!

What programs did you engage in this year that were really useful?

  • Karen Anton Hill – it was nice to have a non business related talk.
  • Diversifying Tech & Womxn in STEAM
  • Building Acceptance Towards Transgender Women Virtual Lunch – was quite interactive.
  • Peer to Peer Program
  • 40th birthday lunch 

What would you like to see more of in Few?

  • More stories from the professional woman who were living in Japan
  • Have more interaction during events
  • Expand the Peer to Peer program for small business and entrepreneurs
  • Connect with other women and build community throughout Japan.
  • Have in person gatherings but also continue the online sessions to include entire community
  • Networking, community and support.
  • Loved the swag
  • More talks on topics such as leadership building teams, career and job hunting, skill building like time management
  • Have non-business related topics such as natural disaster preparation, personality analysis (real colors program)
  • Our Slack space is a great way of connecting
  • Learning new skills from a diverse membership and making professional connections.

2023-2024 Programs

  • Kickoff September 2022
  • Regional events
  • City events
  • In-person and virtual events
  • Daytime and evening events

Few Japan would like to thank you all for your support, time and for contributing to this relaxing, fun and interactive evening. We could not have done it without you.