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"Vorsprung durch Technik"


The AUDI brand stands for sporty vehicles, high build quality and progressive design – for “Vorsprung durch Technik" - literally meaning "Advantage through Technology". AUDI is among the world’s leading premium car brands.

Together we will create the future of premium mobility. Reasonable, meaningful, and focused on people´s needs. The complementarity of sustainability and digitalization will produce amazing opportunities and start a new era of mobility. We will make the difference by the way our products look like, work and feel. By progress you can feel. Audi Japan KK is representing the AUDI brand in the Japanese market.

"Diversity & Inclusion is part of our business strategy. We chose FEW Japan in order to promote female empowerment and to enable especially our female employees to live up to their true potential by benefitting from FEW Japan’s wide network and activities."

Audi President

President BIO

Matthias Schepers joined the AUDI AG (Germany) in 2002. After gaining experience in wholesale and retail in the Asia Pacific region including Japan, Matthias was appointed as Director of Sales and Network Development at Audi Japan in 2011. He contributed to Audi’s sales breakthrough and network expansion in Japan. In January 2016 he became President and Representative Director of Audi Japan Sales K.K. He deepened his experience in the field of Sales at the largest Audi dealership in Japan, and he especially focused on improving after-sales service and customer satisfaction.

In September 2018, Matthias was appointed as Representative Director and General Manager of Audi Volkswagen Taiwan, the importer of Volkswagen Group brand vehicles in Taiwan. He enhanced the presence of Audi and other group brands in Taiwan.

Born in Tokyo, Matthias is a native speaker of Japanese and German. He graduated from International Christian University, Japan and earned his MBA from NIMBAS Graduate School of Management, Netherlands. Outside of work, he enjoys touring, traveling, snowboarding, and basketball.

Growing up in Japan and Germany, Matthias came in touch with different cultures already from a young age. By experiencing the difficulties of being home to two countries, he became a strong believer of treating people equally irrespective of their backgrounds and beliefs. Not only was this of great value during his work with employees in different entities, but as well for listening to and understanding our customers’ diverse backgrounds and wishes.

On a Volkswagen Group level, Matthias strongly believes and promotes the Volkswagen Group core value “We Live Diversity”. On a company level, he is convinced that in order for the business strategy to be successful, "Diversity & Inclusion must be part of it. We recognize that our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees are a diverse group of individuals, and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels welcome to express themselves.

We believe that only together with all our employees, we can grow strong out of the big transition the automobile industry is currently experiencing.


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