October 2015 FEW Workshop Recap: “Finding Your Authentic Voice: Telling Your Story Using Timeline, Technology and Talk”

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October 2015 FEW Workshop Recap : “Finding Your Authentic Voice: Telling Your Story Using Timeline, Technology and Talk” with Sarah Furuya

Recap by Saya Matsumoto, FEW Member

On Monday, October 12, FEW was pleased to welcome trainer, facilitator and coach, Sarah Furuya, to lead a workshop entitled “Finding Your Authentic Voice: Telling Your Story Using Timeline, Technology and Talk.” And that is exactly what we did. Our first activity was to write down our life on a timeline, share our timeline with a partner and then have our partner share with us their takeaway. We then chose three ‘voices’ (various nouns such as artist, change-agent, mother, visionary, etc.) that interested us and three that described us. This activity was incredibly difficult as we had to choose three from a list of 150, yet so revealing as it made me realize that the voices that described me now, were different from the ones that I was interested in, the ones that I wanted to describe me. Lastly, we took photos of objects around the room to describe our life and the different phases of it and shared with the group using the photos in lieu of a traditional presentation. It was interesting to see how different people interpreted and related to simple objects around the room and the visual representation enhanced their presentation and gave it unique depth.

Main takeaways:
-Share and listen: What may seem like your normal life story, can be revealing to others of your character traits and your values which can be very eye-opening to hear.

-Write it down: Even if you decide not to share your story, by putting pen to paper, your inner thoughts that come out may surprise you.

-Draw it out: When words fail you, draw pictures.

-Use technology to help enhance your presentation: a presentation doesn’t necessarily have to mean PowerPoint be creative and innovative (when appropriate to do so).

It was a day of great self-reflection as I was forced to really think about my core values, who I was today, how I came to be this way (based on events in my life) and the person I wanted to become. By using simple tools such as the art of writing (with pen and paper) and photo-taking, we learned not only about ourselves but also just how profoundly different another person’s perspective may be.

Thank you Sarah for helping us know our inner selves better, as well as guiding us to discover our authentic voice.