Introduction to GYROKINESIS® Exercise for FEW Recap

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The GYROKINESIS® method deserves to be better known; perhaps the esoteric sounding name or the idea that you can exercise hard while seated are confusing. For the record, it is a real, sweaty, stretchy workout.

Our teacher, FEW member Maya Ileto has been a certified trainer of the discipline for over five years and teaches in various places in Tokyo, including Gold’s Gym. It is a practice that has its own licensing authority, stages of knowledge and according to a Google Image search, can involve an array of frankly intimidating looking equipment. I was relieved that the equipment at the venue was a low-ish stool and a cross-shaped mat. To help the relaxing feeling, we looked out onto the verdant Yoyogi park which was in full spring green after a rainstorm.

Maya’s approach to the class was ‘Have fun, otherwise why would you do it?’. The most memorable moment for me was when she encouraged us to give a ‘joyful muppet stretch’. The movements and stretches were both familiar to the six of us – with experience of ballet, yoga, pilates, capoeira – but there was something distinctly different. The stretches and sequences had a lot of movement and playfulness. Everyone said afterwards that they felt really good and were set up to enjoy their Sunday. Maya is passionate about what she does in the best sense; professional, caring, and committed to helping everyone feel comfortable with the movements.

Over coffee afterwards looking out onto the park, we talked enthusiastically about the crossover between Gyrokinesis exercise and other forms of movement like martial arts and dance. This is what FEW is about, in my opinion, getting to try new things and expand our world a little more.

Many thanks to Maya for her time and generosity for setting up this event.