Diversifying Tech & Womxn in STEAM: Japan and the World 2022

20220324 FEW Japan Event Poster- Diversifying Tech & Womxn in STEAM-Final

March 24th @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (JST)

March is Women’s History Month and the time for us to mark and celebrate International Women’s Day. Naturally FEW Japan is taking part in the celebrations. For the fourth year running, we are hosting our annual special event on the topic of “Diversifying Tech and Womxn in STE(A)M: Japan and the World 2022”.

We are pleased to feature a panel discussion with five (5) pioneering leaders who are working to promote women’s empowerment and diversity-positive workplaces in traditionally male-dominated industries of science and technology. From Canada to Europe and back home to Japan, we will learn about progress made in terms of diversifying the talent pools being supported in STE(A)M fields from high school and university contexts through to private sector coding schools and the field of engineering. Those joining us will gain insights on what we have accomplished to date, and how much work remains to be championed to foster a more open culture and diversity-positive environment that drives sustainable innovation and inclusive leadership.
Guest-Speakers:  Réjeanne Aimey, Dr. Sarah Abe, Shirley Kotian, Kani Munidasa, Sasha Kaverina.
Co-Moderators: Tracey Northcott and Dr. Jackie F. Steele

This event is free, welcomes all genders, and will be of benefit to all those interested in moving the dial for diversity, equity, and inclusion in STE(A)M and tech and for building psychologically safe corporate cultures. Invite your co-workers, partners, friends and senior leaders to join us for the party.


  • Code Chrysalis
  • Le Wagon
  • Meeting15
  • WomEnpowered International
  • Lawyers for LGBT & Allies Network, and more…   

We look forward seeing you there!

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For this special event we will be collaborating with tech platform Meeting15, that will stream this event for us.