Become a Sponsor

FEW’s activities are supported by various businesses, organizations, and networks that share the same vision and want to support FEW and its community through a mutually beneficial sponsorship program providing benefits to FEW as an organization as well as to our members directly.

As the GO-TO place for personal and professional learning and connection, FEW provides various opportunities to our Sponsors to promote their products and services to our members and beyond. 

The program offers many valuable promotional opportunities on the FEW Website, in the FEW monthly email Newsletter, and at FEW events. Through these channels, our Sponsors reach both the foreign and Japanese female community in Tokyo and - through them - to their families, friends, and colleagues.

Sponsorship Program Details

All Sponsorships are for a 12-month-period which can begin at any time during the year. Sponsors are encouraged to offer a combination of items such as:

  • Event space, facilitation & materials sponsorship
  • Monthly meeting space, food & drinks sponsorship
  • Bonenkai entertainment
  • Career Strategies Seminar space, food & drinks sponsorship
  • Provision of prizes for meetings & events
  • Promotional materials

For more information on how to become a Sponsor, use the link below to contact the Sponsorship Director.

2019 FEW Sponsors

Our FEW Sponsor offer year-round member benefits as well as news, discounts, and special monthly or quarterly promotions. If you're a member, in the coming months you'll be able to log in to the membership-only part of this website to see your Sponsor offers as well as news, discounts, and promotions.
Our current Sponsors provide services and products for:

  • personal/professional growth
  • health and fitness
  • childcare/family service
  • hospitality, food, & beverages
  • and many other services

All Sponsors support the needs of FEW and its members, offering useful products or services for both professional and private needs.

Below you’ll find the current Sponsors at a glance.