Recap: June FEW Women’s Start-Up Club – Branding with Archetypes  


During the last WSC of this season Marci Kobayashi took us on a journey to “Find your Archetype for your branding”.

The overall goal is to “Transform your brand and your overall online presence into a genuine reflection of who you are personally, and professionally, from the inside out, not outside in.” Branding by Archetypes is a tool that helps you to achieve just that.

Different archetypes provide different aspects of your branding:

  • The Signature Archetype provides the core, the driver of you and your company.
  • The Influencing Archetype gives dimension, the colour, the uniqueness.

Before the session started the participants worked to find  their personal Signature and Influencing Archetype through a questionnaire.

Marci shared her experience on working with Archetypes and says while they are interesting, fun and validating they can at times make us feel a bit uncomfortable, too. At times we might struggle to except the Influencing Archetype. Allowing us, let them stay with us, take time to reflect often helps. She also recommended not to re-do the questionnaire too often as it is important to create a connection and recognition. A retake of the questionnaire does make sense if you change your direction though.

Details on the Archetypes can be found on Marci`s webpage. For now, we leave you with a very short overview on all 12 Archetypes:

  • Alchemist – making dreams come true
  • Artist – confidently honoring self-expression
  • Explorers – discover deep fulfilment and authenticity
  • Hero – achieving grace by triumphing and adversity
  • Humanitarian – speaking up for the common man / woman
  • Innocent – making us new again
  • Jester – offering different perspective
  • Maverick – challenging the world as we know it
  • Nurturer  – caring for, nourishing and protecting mind, body and soul
  • Romantic – deepening, intimate connections
  • Ruler – creating order, peace and prosperity
  • Sage – discovering truth and sharing wisdom

It was very interesting to see the mix of Archetypes all the participants at WSC represented!

Marci then guided us further into a lively discussion and group sharing on “Finding Your Unique Brilliance”, followed by a quiet visualization part to dig deeper and to create a connection to what we achieved and stand for.

By the end of the session Marci had taken us on a journey starting with the discovery of our personal Archetypes to creating and defining statements on

  • “I am a stand for….”
  • “My brand promise is…”
  • “My Unique Brilliance is…”
  • “I am an expert in / at…”
  • leading us to defining “The Soul of Your Brand Guide”.

All these discoveries can help when we struggle with the correct words and/or colours to use when creating a webpage, a logo, or write a blog and set up any marketing material.

The personal Archetypes can help to get a better and clearer direction when it comes to market yourself and your business. It is as much of a tool that inspires when you feel stuck as it is to connect deeper with the ideal client.

We hope you feel inspired and clearer on how to present yourself, your brand to your clients and thank you Marci for a joyful and inspiring evening!

To all WSCers – thank you for your continuous support throughout the year, we hope we helped and supported you to get a step further on your quest to “Share Your Passion”.

Wishing you all a lovey summer, wherever that may take you,

Your WSC team,

Ann-Katrin, Mary & Tanja