Special Event Recap: Elana Jade Organic Beauty Spa

Elana Jade Special Event Recap Nov18

How to Keep Your Skin in Perfect Shape During Winter with Elana Jade

On the last Monday of November ’18, around 10 ladies gathered to H&R Roppongi to hear Elana Gilbert, experienced beauty therapist and the owner of Elana Jade Organic Beauty Spa, to reveal the secrets of winter skin care.

Many of us are feeling the cold and dry winter winds on our skin, with various symptoms from stretching feeling to peeling or itching. Compared to the extremely humid summers, Japan has quite dry winters, which puts skin through a lot.

To combat this, Elana first recommended to change your moisturizing cleanser to a more gentle one compared to summer. Adding to this, a thicker moisturizer and bi-weekly use of a hydrating mask help your skin keep its moisture in balance. A hydrating mask might sound too time-consuming, but if you think of skin care as your personal pampering time in the evening, it starts to sounds quite nice!

For those who have extra dry skin, Elana advised to try oiling your skin with grapeseed oil before taking a bath to prevent excess desiccation by the hot water. Also, setting up a humidifier in your room or office might help if the air is really dry due to continuous heating.

As a nice bonus, Elana taught participants a quick lifting massage to support their new skin care regime. The participants also received a 20% off coupon to her salon, as well as a link to the lifting massage video to keep up the practice at home.

FEW wants to thank Elana Gilbert of Elana Jade for the lovely talk about her skin care secrets – just in time for the sparkly party season!