Special Event Recap: Japanese Business Etiquette Workshop with WaNavi Japan


FEW’s latest Strategic Partner WaNavi Japan hosted a workshop on Japanese Business Etiquette in the evening of April 4 at the Wesley Center in Omotesando, providing insights in Japanese culture and business culture in particular, as well as practical phrases commonly used at the workplace making communication with Japanese co-workers smoothly.

Motoko Kimura, Founder and Co-Executive Director of WaNavi, and Mina Kanai Nishisaka, Co-Executive of WaNavi, ran the workshop together and started with a business manners quiz, where the participants could check their knowledge and learn do’s and don’ts. They continued with introducing typical Japanese workplace settings and explaining their cultural backgrounds, giving participants a better understanding of the origin of those workplace settings, manners and behavioral patterns.

WaNavi Special Event 2

In addition, they prepared polite and useful Japanese phrases that fit different situations, for example when exchanging business cards, greeting others, basic everyday conversation or asking for assistance, which were enhanced by a couple of role plays, giving participants the chance to practice and get more comfortable.

Participants were able to ask questions any time during the workshop and could clarify previous situations or moments that caused question marks on how to understand or deal with them. At the end of the 2 1/2 hours session, all participants had a good basic set of practical takeaways, which they can use for the most common workplace situations.

Thanks to Motoko and Mina from WaNavi for running this well-balanced workshop and providing valuable insights into Japanese business culture and etiquette! If you’d also like to attend one of WaNavi’s Business Etiquette workshop, Disaster Preparedness Trainings, or one of their Cultural Programs, please visit: http://www.wanavi.org/.

WaNavi Special Event 1