Special Event Recap: Radical Boundaries – Say NO to make way for YES

Say no to make way for yes workshop

FEW Japan’s Special Events highlight in December was Sarah Furuya’s exclusive FEW workshop on “Radical Boundaries – Say NO to make way for YES.” The event perfectly matched the time of the year — right before the year-end and start of the new year — when everyone is already reflecting on the current year, and thinking about New Year resolutions and how to improve their lives in the year-to-come.

Sarah Furuya, a certified life and executive coach, and long-time FEW member and FEW Strategic Partner, began the workshop with a Kris Carr quote that perfectly hit the goal of her workshop: “If it is not a ‘HELL YES,’ it’s a NO.” She then briefly went through the workshop’s structure and the models used, and asked all participants to name specific situations when they have difficulties saying “no” and why. Although everyone had different personal situations, it quickly turned out that the motives for not saying “No” are similar: a feeling of discomfort and fear of the consequences.

Following that, everyone got the task of identifying the fears and potential consequences in small teams and to figure out how it would feel once those challenges are overcome. Sarah highlighted that in doing this exercise, we will easily realize that the worst-case-scenarios that pop up in our minds as a initial reflex are in reality far from being true and hence the fears can easily be overcome. Last, but not least, she illustrated a few sample cases, which everyone played out in their respective teams and practiced the exercise of saying “No” and experiencing what that feels like. As with learning any new skill, one gets better and better at it every time the skill is used – or in this case every time we say “No”.

At the end of the 2-hour session, everyone went home determined to change their lives and with this clear key takeaway in mind: Saying “No” doesn’t need an excuse, a bad feeling or an explanation– it actually creates time and space for the things we are devoted to. Furthermore, the consequences of not saying “No” actually have a more serious impact on our lives and hinder us from doing what we really want to achieve.

A big THANK YOU to Sarah Furuya for offering her workshop to FEW Japan and helping us to improve our lives!

Visit https://sarahfuruya.com/ if you are interested in learning more about Sarah Furuya, her workshops and her programs.

Saray Furuya Workshop Photo