Sustainable Building through Passive House Standards with Miwa Mori

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February 25th @ 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (JST)

Join us for an inspiring conversation with the remarkable Passive House architect, entrepreneur and community builder, Miwa Mori.

Miwa Mori is a torch-bearer for the Passive House Movement in Japan. Passive house is a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the building’s ecological footprint. Miwa is the director of KEY ARCHITECTS Co., Ltd, her architecture firm which specializes in the Passive House style. She is a member of the German Chamber of Architects Baden-Württemberg. Miwa also founded an NPO that provides training for Passive House principles. She serves as a director of the Japan association of the United Nations Environment Program.  She, her husband, and 14-year-old son live in Kamakura.

Our discussion at the intersection of sustainability, passion, and determination will offer a riveting way to re-imagine domestic life as a force for environmental responsibility. Learn from this soft-spoken revolutionary on the concepts behind energy efficient home design and the challenges of relocating to Japan after time abroad. Take away lessons on the value of steadfast determination, social responsibility, and advancing with faith.

About Miwa Mori – Japan’s Passive House Revolutionary

Miwa Mori was born in Tokyo, Japan and studied architecture as an undergraduate at the Yokohama National University. Through a German scholarship, she pursued graduate studies in architecture and urban design at the University of Stuttgart. Miwa worked in Europe for the first ten years of her career, first in Germany and then in Ireland. Her combined passion for architecture and the building principles required her to stay at the cutting edge of design.

Her journey from Tokyo, to Stuttgart, Germany, Dublin, Ireland and then finally to Kanagawa are a testament to her steadfast love for sustainability. Ten years into her work, a project brought her to Kamakura, Kanagawa. A Japanese client there wanted a Passive House. When the home was completed, Miwa was impressed with the overwhelmingly warm media reception that the home received. From there, Miwa identified a desire within Japan to live with Passive House principles. 

Her passion for sustainability and design led her to break molds within a siloed, male-dominated industry. Her consistent desire to bring to life her ideals in a physical form led her to be the forefront of sustainable building in Japan. 

These are a  few of Miwa Mori’s inspiring creations:

  1. The very first Japanese Passive House is located in Kamakura. 
  1. Located in Kurizawa, this famous house belongs to an American. The owner is impressed with this Passive House home which has a low annual energy bill although it is in a cold climate. 
  1. This apartment building is retrofitted. Miwa Mori’s firm remodeled this Kurobe building to bring it to Passive house energy standards.

Note: This event is for women and women-identifying guests only.

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