Discovering Your Hidden Strengths

Discovering Your Hidden Strengths

On March 6th, 2019, a small group of women eager to learn more about their strengths gathered to Lumina Learning Japan’s office in Ichigaya. Each had been asked to create their Lumina Spark profile with a special app before the workshop, as those results would be analyzed in detail during the session.

Lumina Learning, also a FEW Sponsor, provides psychometrics-based development solutions to support organizational transformation for companies worldwide, and FEW Members had a chance to take a 2-hour trial of the normally full day personal assessment.

At the event, Lumina Learning coach Ulrika Yui and her assistant Momoko Ozawa welcomed everyone briefly and then proceeded to lead an evening that was a full journey into the inner self – through Q&A cards and questionnaires the participants defined themselves based on the four color archetypes and colored the results on paper.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.


Then, each of the participants was given a 36-page long Lumina Spark Portrait to compare if the results matched with the pre-assessment everyone had taken before the workshop. Everyone was astonished to see how well the two matched. Indeed, when Yui lead the group through the “Twenty Four Qualities” in detail, it was an eye-opening experience to many, providing concrete tips on like how to create a high-performing team and how to become a better leader.

Lumina’s humanistic viewpoint is that everyone has strengths they might be unaware of and, if brought to consciousness, they become able to utilize those in their work and life. Through the Lumina Spark Portrait, participants were able to achieve a deeper understanding of their underlying natural self, as well as conscious self, to recognize their strengths – and hopefully be able to put those to good use in the future!

FEW wants to thank Lumina Learning and Ulrika Yui & Momoko Ozawa for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to discover our personas and help us become better leaders and coworkers!