How to Create Instagrammable Product Photography

How to Create Instagrammable Product Photography

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in February, H&R Roppongi’s room was filled with skilled DIY artists and entrepreneurs, eager to learn how to take more Instagram-worthy photos of their products in a special workshop by TopTia Photography.

Many people sell their handicrafts and other creative products and services through the internet to consumers who are looking for more authentic and personal products than the common brands sold in shops. Be it a side hustle or a full-grown business you are running, good product photography is the key to catch consumers’ eyes in the saturated market.

However, a lot of sellers only think of the informative part of a photo and settle for simply having a quick snap for social media or their website. These serve their function, but if a seller wants to kill it with their products, they should think of the other elements such as lighting, background, angles, and consistency, Tia Haygood from TopTia photography stressed.

From the Basics to Some Pro Tricks

Tia Haygood introducing the special workshop

After a short talk on the basics of photographing, such as photo pixel count and resolution, and techniques that make products shine, it was time to check the cameras and products the participants had brought with them. Contrary to many beliefs, you don’t need to have a professional camera to take great photos, a smartphone is enough in many cases.

During the workshop’s hands-on practice session, the participants experimented with composition, angles, and lighting in real life to see how especially lightning makes a big difference. They learned how to handle lights and shadows by using a handcrafted balance board made by Tia with aluminum foil, cardboard, and white A1 size paper.

Check the lighting, background, angles, and consistency of the product to take great photos.

Tia Haygood, TopTia Photography

Even with lighting tricks, not all photos look as great as they could, and thus Tia also shared her tips on recommended apps which can be used to enhance photos afterward. At the end of the workshop, Amazon’s product photography guidelines were also discussed, giving the aspiring handicraft entrepreneurs all the tools needed taking better product photographs!

FEW wants to thank our Sponsor TopTia Photography for this wonderful workshop. Besides regular photo shoot sessions, TopTia Photography arranges women-only photo retreats regularly, so if you are interested in learning more, please visit