Few’s CREW – Kristen McQuillin


Get to know the people supporting the board

The board members at FEW are volunteers with lives, families and businesses outside of their FEW duties. We couldn’t do our FEW work without the support of paid specialists to assist with the technical, design and organisational areas. 

We would love to shine a light on these amazing people who make us look good. 

Today’s crew member, Kristen, is the talented designer behind the graphics you see on our event posters on our website and social media. 

Kristen McQuillin


Kristen McQuillin

LOCATION – where are you in the world?:

An idyll in the mountains of Kamogawa, Chiba 

Role at FEW and timeframe of service?

Web and newsletter duties, supporting FEW Communications Director.

What do you do in your regular job?

My regular job is “mediatinker” and it’s quite irregular. I do numerous interesting things, starting every morning by teaching yoga, then moving on to whatever my clients need: logo design, websites, business advice, curriculum development, illustration, copywriting. For my own projects, I teach intuitive art and write books about decluttering. And I am building a house.

Tell us some fun facts about you..  

This summer I manually sorted 12 tons of tiles reclaimed from a construction site before they were dumped. I ended up with about 8 tons of usable tiles, which I learned to lay. My first tiling project was a toilet in a local restaurant! I also turned some of the mottainai tiles into tiny artworks. My next project with the tiles will be my new house.

Where can we learn more about you?