July 2019 Sponsor Offers and Member News

July 2019 Sponsor Offers and Member News

Check out the latest offers and opportunities from our Sponsors and other FEW Community Events here! Our Sponsors are committed to bringing the best services and products to FEW Members. Visit our Sponsors page to learn more about all of FEW’s Sponsors, who not only support FEW’s activities but also provide professional and personal services benefiting the wider FEW community.

July Offers from our Sponsors

Elana Jade: All FEW Members receive 10% off full-priced treatments

Description: Mo’ Fit 360

  • Shellac Manicure and Pedicure Combo for only ¥10,000
  • Full Body Spray Tan for only ¥5,900

Further information:

Sarah Furuya Coaching: All FEW members get a 10% discount on the below coaching programmes

Book in a free 30-minute discovery call with Sarah!

She’s opening 6-month mid-term coaching programmes this summer to support, motivate, inspire, ignite and hold you accountable until the end of the year (August is a holiday at SFC).

She LOVES working with FEW women – so much potential and possibility and so much to emerge from each of your beautiful creative drive. Or business mind. She has loads of experience in the small biz world, corporate work and in supporting direction and happiness of stay at home mums or expat partners.

Interested or even curious?

Go to Sarahfuruya.com, book a discovery call and talk with Sarah! She’s determined to get you facing in the right direction, taking the right actions, and untangling those messy thoughts that are playing with your game!

July News from our Sponsors and Members

Club 360: Kids Summer Fitness Camp at Club 360

Kids Summer Fitness Camp is based on Club 360’s popular children’s programmes. Each day will consist of 3 different classes such as; Kid Fit 360, Kids Yoga, Junior Boxing and Karate. All with a focus on fitness and gross motor development in a safe and fun environment.

Course dates:

  • August 19th – 23rd
  • August 26th – 30th

Time: Monday-Friday; 10:15am – 1:15pm


  • 5 days ¥36,000
  • Drop in ¥8,000
  • Sibling discount: 2nd child half price!

Sarah Furuya Coaching

“In June I’ve been taking a complete break from Social Media and I have to tell you it feels great. And also a bit strange. A touch lonely perhaps? I’m not sure really since it has been just over a week at time of writing. As I planned this little digital vacay, I wondered what one might do in the spaces that aren’t spent scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, all of which my right-hand woman, Laura, has been given strict instruction to withhold the password to. STRICT. Until July 1st.

Each day I muse on what I have been doing – so we rather grandly call it the ‘I Wonder Project’. You can follow along with Sarah Furuya Coaching on the above-mentioned channels – it’s a lot of fun. I can report that the scrolling continues – scroll the Guardian, YouTube and email frequently BUT with a lot more awareness. I’ve finished and read books and articles, gone to bed earlier, slept better, gone to the seaside, am experiencing earthquakes, leadership elections and other incidents at my own pace rather than a slew of opinions and there is far less drama. I’m texting friends, delegating differently and clearing my head. Having more conversations with my husband and have watched a number of entire films, perhaps related to having a longer attention span. I’m also listening to a lot of New Age style music to help with focus. Go ahead judge. I’ll meet you on the hill with a joss sticks at solstice. Enjoying quiet and empty time. Cooking more. Going out more. Sitting on trains without scrolling more. Looking out the window. Spraying things gold as a direct result of watching interior shows. Watering the plants more frequently.

I will be recording my observations following completion July 1st so be sure to hop on Sarah Furuya Coaching newsletter to receive updates and also to sign up for a 30-minute Discovery Call – a 30-minute coaching call to try out coaching and untangle any immediate issues you may have front and centre.”

For more information: http://eepurl.com/bkRM6b

Oakwood: The Farm-To-Table Experience V

Date: Friday, July 19th at 19:00

Venue: Oakwood Premier Tokyo
1-8-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005

Cost: 8,000 yen

Description: Whether you are an amateur cook, food enthusiast or a professional chef, there’s a course to inspire you. Culinary Curiosities with Chef Marybeth Boller provides cooking demonstrations to accommodate all group levels. Lessons are conducted on a one-on-one basis or in a group environment. At the end of the session, each participant will leave with a better understanding about food, cooking techniques, knife skills and other kitchen tips.

All meals will be prepared by Chef Marybeth. Informal setting for casual discussion to build our exclusive culinary community.

For reservations: call 03-6631-6800 or e-mail general.premier-tokyo-marunouchi@oakwood.com

More Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2240938879501249/

Divya Marie Kato: Shibuya Art Exhibit July 2019

Come see a free art exhibit at UEMATSU Shibuya (outside Shibuya Station, Next To HIKARIE) between July 1-31.

For more information: https://www.divyamariekato.com/divyas-blog/