Upgrades, Upper Limit and Asking with Sarah Furuya

Upgrades Upper Limit and Asking with Sarah Furuya

On June 6th, a small group of ladies eager to learn how to upgrade their perceptions of themselves and to become better leaders gathered to H&R Roppongi to participate in a special coaching session by Sarah Furuya.

The inspiration for this workshop was a transformative recognition Furuya had when taking part in an event with people very different from herself – she realized that those people were running on a different operating system than her. She noticed that if she wants to upgrade her business and income, she would need to upgrade her experience of herself and the world – in other words, upgrade her own OS.

Furuya invited the participants to join the journey of upgrading their OS’ and elevating themselves through ‘30 days of upgrades’ by writing down 30 challenges they want to achieve during the next month. This helped participants to focus their minds on things that need to be done and helped them clear their challenges.

Becoming a Human Leader

Being a great leader is not only about achieving your goals, but helping others to achieve their goals (and goals of the organization), and many times involves challenging others. Here Furuya brought up the concept of ‘Radical Candor,’ which divides behavior and conversation into four dimensions. Being a ‘Radical Cantor’ involves not only challenging but also caring personally.

“Be a kickass boss without losing your humanity.”

Kim Scott, the author of ‘Radical Cantor’

To demonstrate the power of ‘caring’, Furuya asked participants to close their eyes, thought about words they would like to hear from others, and then took turns and whispered the words to other participants. Even though the words differed, they were something everyone wanted to hear!

The session provided both learnings for personal updates and growth as a leader, as well as healing power though hands-on and personal exercises. Everyone got a clear roadmap for the next 30 days and are sure to come over their Upper Limits!

Thank you, Sarah Furuya, for providing us with this energetic session, and pushing us to achieve a better version of ourselves!