Learning Agility with Giulio Toscani

Learning Agility with Giulio Toscani

On April 15th, FEW collaborated with the Hive Jinnan in Shibuya and arranged a lecture on Learning Agility by Giulio Toscani, a Professor of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence for Leadership.

In this free and open-to-all lecture, Toscani introduced listeners to how to use learning agility as a leadership tool. “We are designed to be unaware,” Toscani said, and to perform successfully in new situations it is important to be able to rapidly learn, unlearn and relearn from experiences.

First, we need to notice our own autopilot – most of our behavior happens unconsciously, and to turn these into more conscious acts we can apply learning techniques to achieve the metacognitive level.

Ability takes you to a certain point. Then, agility becomes more important.

– Giulio Toscani

After recognizing our blind spots, we are able to work on them and create an action plan to get better and implement the strategies needed. As agile learners, we innovate and perform better, reflect our acts more consciously, dare to take risks, and defend ourselves.

This kind of learning agility can be used for coping with changes, but it can also help us to stand out of the crowd and push our career or business to the next level. The best way to make your goals to happen is to make them public and use the peer effect and pressure to keep working on it.

FEW thanks Giulio Toscani for the well-balanced lecture which provided lots of food for thought as well as insights into learning agility. We also thank all the participants who made this workshop successful!