Where’s Your True Color Workshop

Wheres Your True Color Workshop

On a sunny Sunday, May 26th, seven ladies gathered to H&R Roppongi to find out their own color palettes through color analysis with personal and image coach Elsie Yung. Everyone was excited to get to know the colors fitting to them – who wouldn’t like to wear clothes and make-up that look good on them!

To extract the best color palettes for everyone, Yung first assessed the ‘Temperature’ of the participants by using different color drapes in order to decide whether warm or cool colors suited the person better. Next, she checked the ‘Intensity’ to analyze whether the hair, eyes, face and neck of the participant falls into bright or soft category. ‘Intensity’ determines how bright colors a person can wear.

Lastly, the ‘Value’ of the contrast level between hair color, eyes and face were examined with another set of drapes. Some people look great in high contrast colors whereas others are flattered by more down-to-earth tones.

“The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you.”

Coco Chanel

At the end of this hands-on personal workshop, participants received a list of their ‘True Colors’ – the next quest for many was to go through their wardrobe at home and assess if the clothes they own are actually the best color for them! The participants were also able to purchase their personalized color palette as a card, which fits in a purse. This way they can pull it out and check colors against it when buying clothes in the future!

FEW thanks Elsie Yung for providing this wonderful workshop for us, as well as all the participants who came along to check their color palettes. It was a very interesting process to see how colors differ on each and every person, and together analyze which palette makes each participant shine!