March 2018 Women’s Start-up Club Recap: Online Presence Part II- Social Media


On March 22, The FEW Women’s Start-up Club held its fourth meeting of the FEW year on the topic of “Online Presence Part 2 – Social Media,” in a hands on social media workshop style event.

And hands-on it was indeed – and not only related to social media! Those who attended may remember the police invasion! But thankfully, that was quickly cleared and the participants could focus on the topic at hand. After all, the three presenters had exciting things to share on how to use social media to generate an impact. With three 30 minute rotations, all participants had a chance to get information on all social media presented that evening.

Below are takeaways from each of our expert speakers. And don’t forget the next WSC evening on Wednesday, May 30. This time we will make sure your business and clients are secured. Come and join us for an evening on “Cyber Security!”

WSC March 2018 Collage

Facebook and Instagram Insights by Victoria Close of Bikudesigns

  • Facebook is for sharing information and engaging with followers, whereas Instagram is more about telling a story, unique content
    • Use hashtags (#) !!!
  • Whatever you do, make sure that your content connects with your followers / readers and make it about you and your authentic voice!
  • Engage with the followers, do not just post a picture, but always add some information on your post
  • Post regularly! Ideally everyday, but start frequently at least
  • Often your followers are the same on either media, so try to create different content on either media
  • If you use a business FB page or group make sure to connect it to your private one so that people can see what you do
  • Newsletters are more important than social media (you have the email addresses of potential clients!)
  • Do not get hung up on numbers – you are out there doing something, that is already more than many others do!
  • Do not compare yourself to others, especially those out there for a longer time already
  • When it comes to social media, the work is never done and it will always change. Do not wait for perfection –  70% is good enough

LinkedIn Insights by Kaoru Jo from LinkedIn Japan

Kaoru shared her insights on how to best set up a LinkedIn profile to attract clients:

  • Brand yourself in the summary with details and a professional picture. Think of the summary as the executive summary of your bio.
    • Give short, but compelling information about yourself using keywords, not buzzwords, that would attract your audience to easily find you in their searches
    • If you speak more than one language, you can create your profile in another language to demonstrate your fluency. This also will allow potential recruiters and clients to find you in their respective local language. (Linked-in does not have an automated language translation function)
    • Be engaged on LinkedIn to increase followers and to become noticed, publish and share own or other information that pertains to your area of specialties.
    • LinkedIn is a business platform, so keep your content professional and not private.

Webpage and Blog Insights by Marci Kobayashi, Web designer, coach, and writer


  • Depending on your business, you do not really have to have a webpage- it’s useful, but not mandatory
  • A webpage can give credibility, and if you work internationally you can be found more easily
  • Important to know where your audience is and where/how they search for you
  • Setting up a webpage can take a long time and especially when you start out it is tempting to “hide” behind it.
  • Keep in mind that webpages change, it does not have to be 100%!
  • To start a webpage make sure you have welcome page, services, contact, about pages
  • Make sure you have a secured maintenance for your webpages (they are not always included when you use website providers!)


  • Can enhance visibility and give additional value
  • Depends on your business
  • Blogs do NOT have to be about your services, it can be something that is interesting to you and it can help to connect to others on a more personal level
  • Make sure you write about what your ideal client wants to read about

As you can see, it was a bundle of information! Now go and put into practice what you learned!