Strategic Partner Spotlight: Lumina Learning Japan Partner, Elizabeth Handover

Lumina Learning Spotlight

Elizabeth HandoverLumina Learning is a global learning and development company representing the latest innovation in professional development and assessment. As a pioneer in organizational development with over 3,500 certified trainers globally, we offer services in 30 languages. Lumina Spark is our flagship psychometric tool.

The key to every organization’s success is its people. This philosophy underpins our partnerships with clients in Japan and across Asia. We offer consulting, training and coaching services on inclusive leadership, team-building, communication, diversity and inclusion, facilitation skills and more! We are passionate about empowering females and are proud to support FEW in helping women reach their full potential. We offer FEW members special rates on women’s leadership programs, Lumina Spark certification and our new facilitative skills training.

I am one of the Japan Lumina Learning Partners. My career in theater performance, teaching and learning & development underpins my work in organizational change, leadership development and team-building.

  • What would be your number one recommendation for people who want to start their own business?

Don’t give up! Two years after I started my business, I began to think that I had made a terrible mistake. I researched why people fail in business. I expected to find answers like, “you can’t succeed in business without being highly disciplined and reliable,” (qualities that I lack.) To my surprise, I found the main reason is simply that people give up too quickly. So, I thought, “I just have to keep going.” The rest is history!

  • What are the 3 essentials for running a business in your opinion?
  1. Invest in really knowing yourself and your top strengths. Be clear on what you are not good at and where you need help.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Trying things out, whether the results are successful or not, is the quickest and best way to learn and grow.
  3. Aim high. The seek practical paths to reach your goals.
  • What are your top resources when it comes to running your business on an everyday basis? (This could be books, apps, programs, coaches, training programs or anything else that helps them)

My team – They support me in the areas where I am less effective. So, I can focus on my strengths and aim for bigger picture business goals.

Podcasts – I listen to podcasts every day, mainly from the BBC and NPR. It’s a relaxing way to keep learning and they help me stay on top of the latest industry trends.

Clients and colleagues – Every conversation I have with clients helps me to deepen my understanding of their challenges. Exchanging ideas with colleagues in the same industry always inspires me and gives me diverse and new approaches.

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